Defiance: Good Bye Blue Sky


by Ashley Binion

The city of Defiance was in danger from a razor rain storm. I can’t tell you how many times movies and television series use “There’s a storm coming” to foreshadow what is about to occur. Defiance was no different, as they used the phrase in a literal and symbolic sense.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The episode started with some outer space CG that was impressive, but as it continued, the special effects failed to impress.

Sukar, Irisa’s mentor and leader of the Irathian biker gang, was killed by being impaled by a piece of debris from the razor rain (debris from the Arcs that are still orbiting Earth) and played a major part in saving the town from the storm.

During his burial ceremony, he came back to life and went on a mission to save Defiance. He had supernatural powers and could heal himself, much like Wolverine. Nolan thought he was going to destroy the town so he shot him out of the old St. Louis Arch. Irisa and Nolan’s relationship suffered another blow after he shot her friend. Ever since they came to the city, their relationship continues fracture.

Doc Ywell discovered Sukar’s actions were aided by the piece of the Arc that he was pierced with. It controlled him, giving him his mission to save Defiance and his superhuman powers.

Meanwhile in the arch, Alak and Christie began to have pre-marital problems. The bathing ritual became a point of disagreement between the young couple. It was yet another sign of how different human and Casthithan cultures are. I’m starting to think that the odds of this wedding happening are beginning to dwindle. Overall, their scenes were filler and weren’t necessarily needed.

This was the first episode that the series didn’t introduce or rely on a new face to propel the storyline of the episode. I was actually expecting Tommy to bite the dust when he was also impaled with a piece of debris from the razor rain. So far, he has little function on the canvas and is completely expendable.

Stahma and Kenya’s new romance will most likely lead to problems later on once Datak finds out, because who are we kidding? Nothing can stay a secret on a television show. Stahma was humanized a little in this episode and continued to confirm my suspicion that she is the real brain behind Datak’s operation.

Not much happened in the way of mythology in this episode. Ex-mayor Nicky Riordan stopped by Rafe’s house looking for clues regarding Mr. Birch’s whereabouts. Quentin told his dad that he killed the former mayor’s henchman. He then took the fall for his son with Riordan, but she was able to see through his false confession. These scenes were my favorite of the episode. Quentin interacting with ghost Luke is such a fun touch that continues to entertain. It’s reminiscent of Dr. Baltar and Number Six in Battlestar Galactica.

This episode set up beginnings of conflicts that are sure to fester in the second half of the season from Nolan and Irisa to Riordan and the McCawleys.

What did you think of the chess match between the McCawley’s and Riordan? Can Nolan and Irisa’s relationship be repaired?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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