Defiance: Brothers in Arms


by Ashley Binion

Slowly but surely, Defiance is delving further into each of its character’s pasts. A ghost from Nolan’s wartime past appeared, and ironically, Luke’s ghost appeared as well. The political theme intensified in “Brothers in Arms” as Defiance was caught in the middle between the Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The driving force behind this episode was the introduction of Nolan’s wartime buddy Eddie. He is now a bounty hunter looking to find Pol Madis, a fugitive weapons designer that escaped into Defiance. Of course, they began to butt heads when Nolan and Eddie wanted different things with Pol Madis. In the end, Nolan killed Pol and Eddie took the fall for him with the Earth Republic. Hopefully Eddie appears again later on, because it was implied that he escaped custody.

Datak wanted nothing to do with the Pol Madis situation, but he was pulled in anyway. It was fun to see him unwillingly be dragged into something, since he is usually the instigator in all of his adventures. Also, his involvement opened up a political dialogue regarding the Votanis Collective.

He made a vague promise to do more to help the Collective, but what might that entail? And will he even help them now since Pol died? It didn’t seem as if he wanted to help them since he made himself a large part of the Defiance community and didn’t want to betray his new found status. Hopefully we get to see and hear more about the Collective, just like the series continues to develop the Earth Republic.

Speaking of the Earth Republic, another representative showed up in Defiance looking for Pol. The representative and the mayor seemed to know each other, since their conversation had an acquainted vibe.

Defiance is becoming a city caught in the middle of the Earth Republic and the Votanis Collective and their opposed goals. It should create a great and slow burning conflict for the remainder of the season.

Quentin McCawley, Rafe’s middle child and possessor of the gold artifact, had a small subplot during the episode. He continued his research on the history of the city and what the artifact might be. His storyline even boasted the reappearance of former mayor Nicky Riordan. She was absent in the last couple of episodes, which made it feel like her storyline had fallen to the wayside. Also, it was amusing to see ghost Luke pop up and egg him on while killing the former mayor’s henchman, Mr. Birch.

Poor Mr. Birch. We hardly knew you.

There was an interesting line that peaked my interest about Doc Yewell. Pol Madis made a passing comment about her scientific achievements during the Pale Wars. Could she be a war criminal hiding out in Defiance? It sure seems as if she has something to hide. She denied being the person he was talking about and looked visibly distraught at the mention of knowing who she was. I am excited to see what the series does with this.

I have been wary about how the series is handling their ensemble cast. I like that each episode is focusing on a specific character, but it alienates the rest of the cast. In “The Serpent’s Egg,” the Tarrs and McCawleys were nowhere to be found.

Finally, this episode addressed my concerns had a fully working ensemble cast. Almost every major character was seen at one point or another. Sure, some like Rafe only had a scene, but it was a major step in the right direction. It allows the show to have more character interaction, which leads to more storyline possibilities.

What did you think about the episode? Are you excited for Doc Yewell to step out into the spotlight? Will Quentin be able to get away with murdering Mr. Birch?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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