Defiance: All Things Must Pass; I Almost Prayed


By: Ashley Binion

This season of Defiance felt like it was stalling, almost as if it was waiting for something. But, the two-hour, two-episode finale of the series brought death, destruction, and the continued brilliance of guest star Linda Hamilton.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Poor Tommy. He never caught a break. Yes, the character was useless in the first season, but in the second season he became a direct foil to Nolan, which made the character somewhat interesting. It’s sad that it took Tommy dying for him to finally get some respect from Nolan and perhaps even the viewers.

Who knew that all it took for the Tarrs to come back together was to survive a kidnapping? Really though, it was inevitable that Datak would come back home, but their scenes in the abandoned silo were the best parts of “All Things Must Pass.” Their bickering to Datak’s overt show of love demonstrates the volatility of their marriage. I have to admit the Tarr family is the one dynamic of the show that keeps me coming back for more. They are all such complex characters that have all had significant character development over the course of the series.

It was about time that Amanda found out what really went down with Kenya’s murder. Pottinger thinking that Amanda would want revenge just showed how much he doesn’t know her. Instead, he continued to have this fantasized version of her in his head. Shouldn’t that have been the sign that showed her how weird he really is? Instead she ends up sleeping with him in the last couple of minutes of the finale.

Even though Pilar recently returned to the town of Defiance, she is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters. Her interactions with other characters are so complex and gripping. Out of all the interactions, her one with the Tarrs was the most riveting, especially since the audience, as well as Datak, only entered halfway through Pilar and Stahma’s conversation. Watching Pilar drag up old history and remind Stahma she cleaned her house at one point was hilarious. Stahma, now a powerful woman, was not pleased with being reminded of where she came from.

Also with her reappearance, the family feud between the Tarrs and McCawleys was renewed. Sure, Rafe and Datak have a funny, odd couple dynamic, but season one was so focused on the two families’ dislike for each other that the feud aspect was sorely lacking in the second season.

Throughout the series, Defiance has had hits and misses when it comes to special effects. In these two episodes, there were more hits than misses. The destruction of New York was very well done, as was terraformed New York. The biggest miss was when Nolan and Irisa got trapped in Old St. Louis. It just looked cheap.

Speaking of the father and daughter getting trapped, it wasn’t a strong cliffhanger if that’s what the series was going for. What the series did well was put viewers in a state of wanting to know what happens with the characters more than the over-arcing plot. It’s not hard to figure out that Nolan and Irisa will eventually get out of Old St. Louis, but what are the consequences of living in that pod? And what are Pilar’s motives for taking her daughter and son-in-law?

Rating: “All Things Must Pass:” 4.5 out of 5 stars

Rating: “I Almost Prayed:” 4 out of 5 stars

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