DC Comics Multiverse Bane Review


by Stevie Wise

I got a kick out of the story at Comic-Con: A friend had sit in at the DC Mattel panel in San Diego…and out of the 500 people to call up for an impromptu trivia contest? His name comes up first. Even after stumbling on the answer Mattel still decided to send a secret sample a few months later. After a cryptic “shipment sent” e-mail from Mattel the other day we figured the secret SDCC prize would be showing up soon. I was kinda shocked to see what arrived: A fully carded first of it’s kind carded version of Bane from the upcoming DC Comics Multiverse figure line!

Mattel announced a new 4 inch figure line at this year’s Comic-Con comprised of 18 figures with the first wave based on the popular Batman: Arkham video game universe which has grown to include three games: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and the upcoming Arkham Origins due on October 25th. Bane’s appearances in the Arkham City games have depicted him as some monstrous villain overdosing on his muscle-pumping Venom drug. This upcoming Arkham Origins Bane looks much more toned down similar to his appearance in the Young Justice animated series with a leather jacket and classic Lucha Libre mask and no goofy breathing apparatus like Dark Knight Rises. The included note from Mattel establishes the line at 14 points of articulation and 18 figures planned with the second wave being shown at New York Comic Con.

Between the samples seen at SDCC and publicity photos of the figures that have come out online, the production version really blows them out of the water. The goofy bright blue pants have been replaced with a duller navy color and features a much more matte finish over the figure. Bane looks pretty menacing in this somewhat neutral sculpt unlike some of the DC Direct figures that have depicted characters from the Arkham video game series.


The packaging is an almost entirely scaled down version of the DC and Batman Unlimited 6 inch figure blister. Artwork from Arkham Origins that closely matches the figure is on both sides along with several other figures being released in the line: Batman, Mr Freeze and DC Comics Azrael all based on the Arham video game trilogy.

My only real complaint with the figure is a total lack of weapons and accessories: Bane comes with a few grenades that are permanently attached to his belt but there’s nothing in the realm of Bane-related weapons and guns. No discarded Batman cowl to taunt an unmasked Bruce Wayne? With Hasbro’s current GI Joe line coming with sometimes a dozen weapons this is a bit of a let down.

When a new 4 inch scale DC Universe line was announced I was quite skeptical. DC Universe Infinite Heroes was launched by Mattel several years ago and never really compared to their counterparts in Hasbro’s Marvel Universe line. If these first figures in the the DC Comics Multiverse line are any indicator, Hasbro might have a real competitor in the small action figure market especially if the line expands to other characters in the “classic” DC Comics Multiverse.


Suggested Retail is $9.99, pretty much in line with Marvel Universe figures and will be a solid update for Mattel’s other smaller scale Batman and Man of Steel lines which never really took off. DC Comics Multiverse figures are slated to hit shelves in late 2013 to early 2014.

Photos of the figure are provided by Cape and Cowl Collectibles. Like em on Facebook and check out the shop in Southern Calfornia or at Comikaze Expo in November!

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  1. curtis the caped crusaderDecember 21st, 2013 at 4:48 pm

    i went to target today n saw the 4inch arkham city batman and azrael 2 of each on the shelves. they had no price so i took them to guest services and the manager priced them kindly for me at an amazing 2 dollars and fifty six cents !!!!!! OMG these litte versions of the dc direct 6inch scale are amazing in articulation and detail. i wish they had bane and mister freeze who are pictured on the back of the packages of batman and azrael. it appears i got a variant of batmans arkham city mold without the ab crunch which is just fine because my 6ich batman is exactly the same and i am not a fan of ab crunches on figures so to get these two figures for $2.56 each is unreal I LOVE TARGET !!!!! thankyou for these and i intend to collect them all !!!

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