DC Announces Summer Event Comic “Dark Nights: Metal”


By: Robert Starsmore (@Jono616)

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s Batman run was by far one of the highlights that came out of the New 52. With last summer’s Rebirth, Snyder stepped away from the flagship title to helm All-Star Batman with a rotating stable of comic’s top artists. Now Snyder and Capullo are re-teaming to bring us the first major event book of the Rebirth era, which was announced at Sunday’s Fan Expo Dallas: Dark Nights: Metal.

Publisher Dan Didio started off the press conference by saying, “The fun part about Rebirth is that we’ve gotten to a spot where we really know and love our characters once again, [with] very recognizable, very familiar story telling – you know who they are. Now we’re ready to launch them into new directions, new ideas, and bigger plots.” DC announced Rebirth one year ago and has kept their titles fairly self-focused in the first year. Didio then brought out the creative team for their first major crossover: co-publisher Jim Lee, writer Scott Snyder, and artist Greg Capullo.

Snyder prefaced the announcement by crediting the fans for the success of Capullo and his 50 issue Batman run. “The more we pushed, the more vocally supportive you guys were, and you guys showed up and kept the book competitive.” He later described Dark Nights: Metal as “celebratory” and that “it’s meant to be something that’s a thank you to you guys,” continuing “it’s a celebration about what I love about comics.”

No information was given about the page count, price point, or number of issues the event will run, but it was announced that the series will be monthly starting in August. The event will also have two one-shot lead-ins: Dark Days: The Forge and Dark Days: The Casting. These were described as a prelude and will be co-written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV with Jim Lee, Andy Kubert, and John Romita, Jr. on art. Jim Lee hinted that each artist might be drawing a different time period for each book. The Forge will be released in June and The Casting will be released in July. Snyder described these as “a warning shot to show you guys we’re going bonkers out of control, rock n roll, power chords with this thing.”

Little information was given on the actual plot. Snyder stated that he has been working on the story for over a year and that it is a mystery that he has been seeding into his previous Batman work. Snyder was quick to point out that Metal is “not just a Batman story, it’s a DC event from OA to Star City – all over the place.” In reference to the repeated use of dark in all three titles he hinted that “it has to so with science – dark matter, dark energy – real world science.” Beyond that, the panel hinted that the book will bring in new ideas and new characters. It was not stated specifically that other DC series will tie into the event, but Snyder did mention that he met with other Rebirth writers to work on letting them tell their stories in a way that was organic to their runs as well as the Metal event.

Metal is in an interesting position; not only is this the first major event of the Rebirth era, but DC has been less event happy than other publishers in recent years. It will be interesting to see how audiences react. Not one to hold back, Greg Capullo stated, “It’s going to be the very biggest, most powerful, explosion-filled story that we’ve ever done.” Making no attempt to temper expectations, he continued, “We’re going to melt your faces off.” Given the track record of these two creators, they just might be able to pull it off.

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