Cubiversity: Learning the Rubiks Cube through Song, Story, and Interactive Video


By: Ricky Strong (@strongricky)

The Rubik’s Cube has been frustrating millions of people from young to old for almost 40 years. I know I loved trying to solve it as fast as I could when I was a child, but as stickers fell off I lost interest in the Cube. Well for a few cubing enthusiasts , the allure of the cube is still there and they want to bring the best instruction experience for solving the Rubik’s Cube period. Enter Cubiversity, a Kickstarter project from Jon Schneck (Relient K), Dillon Spears (Jamboree), and Phil Earnest (artist extraordinaire) that promises to help you master the Rubik’s Cube through Song, Story, and Interactive Video. Check out the Kickstarter page if you would like to learn more about Cubiversity  and by the way, the rewards are pretty awesome.

The Cubiversity Kickstarter campaign ends on Wed, Dec 17 2014 1:07 PM EST. Click the cube below for the link (opens in a new window)!


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