Crazes of the Interwebs: Sloths, Cats and Singing Goats


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

The Internet is a beautiful  thing, ladies and gentlemen. YouTube launches careers of comedians and  singers. Google helps you with your homework. Facebook connects you  with people who you may have lost touch with. But there are two sides  to each social networking site. And right now it’s the side of sloths,  The Harlem Shake, the grumpy cat and of course singing goats.

Imgur, 9gag and Reddit  are the Internet’s main source of memes as of late. Using the word “craze”  to highlight the trends that pass through our lives on a daily basis  is a colossal understatement.  You have all seen the massive mounds  of sloth pictures featuring on every website you turn to. If you haven’t  here’s a little taster:

sloth interwebs

Sloths are by traditional  definition a slow-moving tropical American mammal. But by the Internet’s  definition they are cute, slow, heroic, fluffy bundles of adorable that  can be photoshopped into any image to make it that much more special.  Especially when they’re photoshopped into an image of the galaxy. Yes,  someone did take the time to make this:


If you haven’t heard of  The Harlem Shake (named so for the song and not so much the dance),  you’ve either been living under a rock or its skyrocketing popularity  has knocked you sideways and given you amnesia. The Harlem Shake has  become a global fad. There are underwater versions; students shook what  their momma gave them on a plane meanwhile a handful of skydivers decided  to jump out of a plane to make their mark on the shaking landscape.  Universities all around the world have gathered their students to make  their own versions asking professors, mascots, and even higher management  to get involved. Another craze that took off around the same time was  the grumpy cat:


Let’s take a second to  think about the misrepresentation of people on the Internet and the  effect it might have on their lives. Now let’s apply the same logic  to grumpy cat. It’s a common misconception, simple as it might be, that  grumpy cat is male. Wrong. Grumpy cat, whose real name (in all honesty)  is Tard, is in fact a female. Tard, short for Tardar, might be the happiest  cat in the world; but with memes like the one above going around, the  grumpy cat has been attached to the reputation of … well, a grumpy  cat. Both crazes have died down lately as the world has moved onto the  world’s newest viral video craze. Which is?

GOATS. Yes, singing goats.  They have had the privilege of featuring on tracks such as Taylor Swift’s  “I Knew You Were Trouble,” Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love  You,” Katy Perry’s “Firework” and Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will  Goat On.” Don’t believe me? Here, take a look:

The best possible thing the collective imagination  of the Internet could envision would be a sloth, a singing goat and  the grumpy cat dancing to The Harlem Shake with a goat-singing interlude.  Give it a couple of days; I’m sure someone out there is working on it.  And on that bombshell and before your imagination shuts down with awesomeness,  I bid you adieu and leave you with one final video.

Until next time, Interwebers.

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