Crazes of the Interwebs: From Planking to Milking


by Noor Alnaqeeb (@nooralnaqeeb)

Planking became notorious on the interwebs in 2011.  Also known as “The Lying Down Game,” the person lies face down on  inanimate, sometimes animate, objects and another person takes a picture  of it. Well done, world. It is arguably one of the most absurd fad the  Internet has seen in a long time. So who is the mastermind behind this  craze? Tom Green. In 1994, he had “planked” on a hidden camera on  an Ottawa sidewalk without moving. The comedian was known for his pranks  on MTV but this particular joke proved too weird to air. Tom tweeted  on July 12th 2011, “Just found a video of me #planking  in 1994. I will post it soon.” The Lying Down Game spread throughout  the rest of the world, known as “playing dead” in South Korea, “on  one’s belly” in France and “extreme lying down” in Australasia.  Planking is one of the most well-known crazes of the internet, but here  are a few that haven’t become as popular:


I wish I was kidding, but no.  You bend your arms in the shape of a teapot, just like you do while  singing the children’s song “I’m a Little Teapot.” This “craze”  was created by teachers at Mortlake College. Yes, the educators of our  future politicians, doctors, businessmen and women.


You squat like an owl on owl-like  perches. To make “the owl” more realistic the owler can make “owl  sounds” and adopt an owl family from an owl farm and drive an owl  car to owl school. Okay, maybe I’m taking this a bit too far.



Horsemanning involves posing  two people so that they appear to be a single body with a detached head.  This began as a photography fad in the 1920s which sounds kind of impossible  and insane, but hey, Wikipedia says so, so it must be true.



You hang upside down by your  feet, as so:


Now, for my favorites. The above may be performed without  video-evidence, but thankfully with technological advances we can cure  diseases, facilitate the end of world hunger and take videos of people  milking. “Milking?” you say. Yes, milking. Voila:


Milking, not to be confused  with Galloning.


Galloning, not to be confused  with being a complete weirdo in public spaces.

So, there  you have it Internet. I feel like this article has completed your lives.  And you are so welcome.

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