CrafterNoon: Mermaids


by Jaime Whittaker (@JaimeW912)

Look at this stuff! Isn’t it neat? I love mermaids! Makes me wish I was a mermaid…think about it! You’d never have to shave your legs; you don’t have to worry about having flat hair because it’s always floating around you; you can be best friends with fish and dolphins; I think Ariel made a rather poor choice if you ask me…lol just kidding! But seriously, I love mermaids so I thought I would devote a Crafternoon to Mermaids!

Mermaids: Bras

First off, every mermaid needs to have a great skimpy, uncomfortable-looking top! If you’ve ever wanted to make your own mermaid bra, check out some of these ideas below. Simply take the steps outlined in the video and customize it to whatever style you have in mind. Be creative! Be original!


Found on the Pinterest page of Vivian Smith. (I would probably stay away from this one if you are incredibly well-endowed…)



Here’s a step-by-step pictorial on a seashell bra by Estela Venegas



If you’re looking for a slightly less exposed midriff, perhaps you’d like to cover up with some pearls and a bit of netting? This bra is available for custom order from SpikeyPeachDesigns on Etsy.



And here are some more mermaid bras found on Mermaid Cove.



Mermaids: Tails

Of course you can’t be a true mermaid without a tail! Check out this Mermaid Tail tutorial from My Froggy Stuff (which just happens to be my FAVORITE crafting channel on YouTube!)


Froggy also shows us how to make a Mermaid Tail Blanket!


If you’re looking for a tail that you can walk around in, you could make a mermaid style skirt such as this one from Kristin Pettis.



Or you can make a fantastic pair of mermaid leggings like these! These were made by Nerdie Foodie writer Jenine, and worn by past Nerd HQ volunteer Michelle!



Mermaids: Jewelry

Finish off your under sea look with some seashell jewelry like this necklace from LoveShellsBeads


Or how about this fabulous necklace from zafirenia?


Mermaids: Makeup

For one look, check out Ax’s tutorial for Sirena Von Boo, the Mermaid-Ghost hybrid from Monster High (Also check out Axceleration Cosplay on Facebook! That HAWK GIRL!)


Or, if you’re trying to look more like Ariel, try this tutorial from Marc Zapanta AKA ThePrinceOfVanity


I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to help you get your feet fins wet! Just don’t go making any deals with a Sea Witch, okay?


Yeah….no, Ursula…..just, no.

Until next time…..Stay Nerdy, mermaids!


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