Conversations for a Cause – Sherlock: On-Demand


by Kevin Rigdon

One hears things while walking through the streets of San Diego during the nerd pilgrimage known as San Diego Comic Con. One of those things that I overheard was, “Sherlock has a bit of rabid following.” Now, good people, this may be the understatement of the year. There are fans, then there are Sherlock fans. I can picture it now: Cumberbatchianism will be an officially recognized religion in a few years, or maybe Moffatism, if it hasn’t already begun. Rabid? Please.

Featured on this year’s Sherlock panel for Nerd HQ were Mark Gatiss, co-creator/writer/producer and the actor who brings Mycroft Holmes to life on screen, producer Sue Vertue, and co-creator/writer/executive producer Steven Moffat, and the excitement was so palpable it was chunky. Chunky palp. It’s the result of incredible writing, acting, and production that make Sherlock absolutely epic.

I have to admit, as a struggling writer, Moffat was the main attraction for me, and, it seems, for lots of other people as well. It gives me hope that I could dress like an overwhelmed college math professor on the verge of retirement, and still elicit screams of love and devotion from thousands of fans. All I need is a bit of genius and a lot of luck.

The questions, though they were hard to hear, began immediately after Zachary Levi introduced the panel. True to form, however, Moffat and company dodged any that may be considered spoilers. But they sort of answered a couple things by not answering them. For example, some things involving Sherlock’s family life may come to life.

A major concern for the lovers of all things Sherlock is future of the show considering the Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman have become involved in massive multi-deal movie projects, which have the potential to propel them even further in the fame stratosphere. But since the filming of the show only takes four months, their schedule (pronounce shed-ule, we were informed) is fairly flexible and allows them to do other projects. And since they both love doing the show, we can look to much more Sherlock to come.

And that is indeed good news, because it means there’s more Moffat to come as well. Gatiss and Vertue were wonderful. Gatiss, in particular, is eloquent, and funny, but I didn’t realize how absolutely hysterical Moffat is. Next year, he could do a panel by himself. I’d pay to get in, and gladly. But jokes, and wonderful stories about how Benedict Cumberbatch fell over like a tree while wrapped up in a sheet, and no one could tell if he was ok because they were all laughing too hard, are only part of the charm of this talented group of storytellers.

When asked if they found it difficult to be producing a hit show, Moffat emphatically answered that it is the exact opposite. He said it was a joyous, wonderful, thing to have a hit show. One gets the sense that Moffat, Gatiss, Vertue, and the other members of the Sherlock family are genuinely grateful for the opportunity that we fans give them. It’s a joy for them to work on a hit show. As a result of their joy and thankfulness, and the fans’ appreciation for them, today’s Sherlock panel raised I think $5,000 for Operation Smile.

Be sure to watch the streaming videos for all the upcoming panels.

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