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by Angelle Bonnecarrere (@angelle_renee)

Joe Manganiello would describe himself as tall, house broken, and hungry. Considering his regular gig as the werewolf, Alcide on HBO’s True Blood, I can’t help but think that maybe he was typecast. Joe and his muscles strode onto the Nerd HQ stage to a chorus of cat calls. I felt like I was suddenly in Magic Mike and was wondering where my waitress was.
The one thing I always love about the fan driven questions is the absolute randomness and how the panelists can take a question and run with it. Of course the first few questions had to do with some variation on “Is Alcide getting naked again soon?” Quick answer: Yes. Long answer: I’m not really sure as I checked out around this time to comment to someone who was aghast at all the estrogen:

“I mean it’s his job. It’s a solid question I guess.”

I checked back in to hear Joe say that of all of his cast mates he would most like to do The Amazing Race with Ryan Kwanten. If he had to pair up with characters, then it would be Lafayette, “Although, he might have to stop several times to do his lashes.” he remarked.

Joe surprised us with his comic book knowledge and said, “Don’t let this body fool you. I’m kind of like those robots in Pacific Rim. There’s a tiny little nerd inside of me that is controlling my body.” His favorite comics include X-Men, The Punisher, Martial Law, and the old B&W Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics. He also strongly encourages those who want to get into performing to stick with it and train as much as you can at places like Carnegie Mellon from which he and fellow True Blood actor, Michael McMillan (Rev. Steve Newlin) are both alums. There was a question of whether Joe roamed as a lone predator, but we were informed that (sorry, ladies) he does have a she-wolf.

Joe let us know about his character arc so far on True Blood and feels that Alcide is finally coming into his own as the pack leader of Shreveport. He’s standing up for himself in some extreme ways like alienating his father, but inferred that maybe the softer Alcide we are used to will make his way back again. As for projects outside of True Blood, Joe will be starring as Stanley Kowalski in a production of Streetcar Named Desire at the Yale Repertory Theatre September 20-October 12.

For now you can see Joe in all his shirtless glory on True Blood airing Sunday nights at 9pm/6pm Pacific on HBO.

No, he didn’t take his shirt off.

Yes, the audience asked.

I may or may not have wanted him to take it off as well.

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