Continuum: Minute by Minute


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Continuum’s season two finale revealed family ties and unleashed more time travel quandaries. If you thought the second season hurt your head with all of the time travel possibilities, the premiere episode blew all of those out of the water.

A quick PSA: If you aren’t watching Continuum, you are missing out on the best sci-fi show on television right now (except Orphan Black). It has filled a void left by Fringe, with complex storylines and interesting characters. Stop reading this and go watch the first two seasons on Netflix. Trust me, it’s worth your time.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Answers, answers, and more answers. I couldn’t believe how many answers were given in a five minute conversation with new “Freelancer” Katherine. Season two brought in the “Freelancers” as this “big bad” organization who Kiera constantly fought, but now who is Kiera? A Freelancer. That’s right, she’s (kinda) working with the people who framed her for Gardiner’s murder. According to the Freelancers they are the good guys, keeping the time continuum in order, but everyone thinks they are the good guys.   

Usually, Continuum uses procedural elements to make the series more accessible to casual viewers and this consistently brings the series down. Really, it’s the weakest element. Much like last couple episodes in season two, “Minute by Minute” left those procedural elements behind and fully dove into the exceptional world they have developed over the series.     

There are so many layers introduced in this premiere: multiple timelines, multiple Alecs, and multiple Kieras. In this episode, concentration was key. If your mind wandered, even for a minute, you missed something. That’s how much was going on. I’m still not quite sure how Curtis lives in this timeline. I’m going to guess that he timeline-hopped from a different timeline. Two Alecs and one Kiera isn’t going to end well.  

After Emily died in the last season, I was so grateful she was gone. Even though she was a source of angst between Alec and Kiera – and I like angst – she was an annoying character. Much to my displeasure, she lives again in the new timeline, and apparently is a contract killer because she killed Alec’s father for Kellogg. Even though it’s a different timeline, I am going to assume that everything before their appearance was the exact same, which is why once they arrived things started differing, such as Alec’s father dying.

Crazy Jason popped up again. His scenes with his dad (yes, I realize how weird that sounds) were entertaining to watch now knowing their relationship in the future. This makes me think (even though the “old” timeline apparently collapsed) that since the first Alec switched timelines, and he no longer grew up to be the almighty Alec Sadler, Jason ceased to exist in 2013.

The Garza and Kiera team up was hands down the best part of the episode. I always thought that there could be a possibility of them working together in the future, especially if Kiera realized who the real bad guys are. Once again, the fight choreography was spot on. It’s something that Continuum has excelled at from the pilot, but their fight was probably the coolest of the series. Usually their CGI is really well done, especially with the future scenes, but in this episode the CGI/green screen was not as good.

I was devastated when Garza died because there is so much untapped potential in that character. Out of all of the Liber8 characters she is my favorite. Her blatant disregard for everything was just to get things done, but in the end she does have a moral code and it shined through during her scenes with the Protector. At least with the timeline hop, Travis’ death in the season two finale will most likely be undone.  

Will Kiera and Liber8 finally team up? Who killed new timeline Kiera?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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