Continuum: Zero Hour Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

As the series winds down, “Zero Hour” finally gave the audience some answers to mythology questions posed throughout the show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Alec and Jason’s storyline in this episode was the most interesting. For the most part, Alec has accepted Jason as his son even though he’s twice his age, but this episode showed how much Alec has struggled with it. Alec is trying to become a different man than the person that was Jason’s father. Jason being there is a constant reminder of his older self.

In this timeline, it’s completely possible that Jason won’t exist. Sure, Jason himself will exist, but his birth won’t happen in this timeline if Alec purposefully avoided his future wife. With all of the time travel that has happened throughout the series, Alec feels like he isn’t the same person his older self was. He even took a job at the VPD as a precaution.

Jason’s response to Emily about their possible kinship was ambiguous at the time, but this episode allowed Jason to give a definite answer to his father. Finding his mother was a tricky situation. He wanted a better relationship with his father, but allowing Alec and Annie to meet before they were supposed to put his future in jeopardy. Jason was comedic gold in the diner scene.

The best scene of “Zero Hour” was between the Elder Alec and Young Alec. For the first time in the series, the show set out to humanize Elder Alec. He grew up to want to change the world but ended up being a lonely old man. He drove Annie to take Jason and run, eventually leading to her death. Also, it was never clearly explained how Elder Alec came to the decision to send Liber8 back or how he picked Kiera to travel back to 2077 with Liber8, but now we know. Ah, continually.

After a season-and-a-half of set up, more was finally revealed about the Traveler. It’s almost too little, too late. He’s been this mysterious figure that has been too mysterious. The audience finally learned that he messed up the timeline so badly that he’s on a mission to fix it.

Apparently the Time Marines are building a portal to use as a lifeboat, but Kiera, Carlos, and Alec think it’s for a military insurgency. At this point either are possible. If the portal does end up getting built, Warlord Kellog would travel through it in order to heal himself of kidney failure. Either Warlord Kellog will take one of Piron Kellog’s kidneys or have the Traveler merge the two men just like Chen was merged. It’s telling that Piron Kellog is worried enough to ask Kiera for help.

On a random note, I loved the scene between Kellog and Carlos at the underpass (this was where he landed after time traveling from 2077 in the pilot). It was such a nice little callback moment.

The portal being open on both sides gave Alec the chance of sending Kiera to the future, just as Chen and the Traveler suggested. The problem is 2077 could be completely different than when she’s from. Not only that, but her son might not even exist. Her trip to the future would be futile.

Kiera’s distrust in Brad was evident in the episode. At least Kiera is wavering in her trust with the Time Marine. Her lashing out at Brad for Lucas’ death was a great reaction. Up until this point, she has trusted Brad even though others warned her about Brad’s possible duplicity. Lucas’ death made her question Brad’s loyalty to her and she finally stood up to him. In this interaction, Brad accidentally let it slip he knew the “pen” Kiera stole from the Time Marines is a key to the device they were building. Even though the Time Marines aren’t telling him a lot, he’s not the greatest inside man.

Dillon and Kellog’s scene was so random and felt out of place. Continuum’s writers are so deliberate in everything they do that there has to be some significance to this scene. I just wish I knew what it was.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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