Continuum: Wasting Time


by Ashley Binion

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Once again, this week’s episode begins with a flashback to the future….or  for the audience would it technically be a flash-forward? Anyways, I  am appreciating this format. This way the audience can get a taste of  what her life and the state of the future is like. Also, I would like  to acknowledge how nicely the special effects are done.

In Kiera’s flashback, she was a part of a Protector raid that captured  Liber8’s “Queen of Hearts,” Sonya Valentine.

Back in 2012, she gave a briefing to the task force about the different  members of the terrorist group.  Trying to adapt to the old century’s  ways, Kiera began wearing a Bluetooth. This way, when she talks to Alec,  she doesn’t look like a crazy person. Her blunders in attempting to  understand how to use the ancient technology were entertaining. And  later in the episode, when Carlos suggested they play Rock, Paper, Scissors;  Alec telling her to make a fist was hilarious. Apparently, they don’t  have Rock, Paper, Scissors in the future? What kind of future is that?!

Meanwhile,  the power struggle continued in the Liber8 group. Travis, the de facto  leader of Liber8, was badly wounded from the explosion in the last episode. So, Kellog and Curtis battled for dominance of the group.

In order to save Travis, the group began to remove the pituitary glands  from innocents, which produces many different hormones. They began synthesizing  a specific hormone to produce a super steroid. After they successfully  produced the steroid, Sonya injected him with it and he was good as  new.

Kellog, wanting to stay in 2012, met with Kiera and proposed that  they work together. Earlier in the episode, she said “If his lips  are moving, he’s probably lying.” So, should she trust him? Well,  later in the episode he informed the group he was setting up the Protector.  However, he then led her to Liber8’s safe house and helped deliver her  Curtis, so maybe he is on her side. But, time will tell who he is working  over, her or his fellow terrorists.

Eventually, Carlos and Kiera had a showdown with Curtis and Kellog.  She used her Protector’s suit and gun to kill Curtis, while Kellog escaped.  For some reason, Carlos took the heat for killing the Liber8 groupie.  It is nice to see their relationship as partners starting to strengthen.  During the fight, her suit short-circuited, which she enlisted Alec’s  help to fix.  The last scene of the episode showed Kiera stealing  the piece to the time travel device that the police found last episode.

I find it interesting that for the Protector, the lines are beginning  to blur. Her main objective is to get home to 2077, but how far will  Kiera go to get there? Sure, she is wary of Kellog and keeping him at  an arm’s length, but how long will that last? Last week, she called  for a ceasefire with Liber8 so she would be able to go back home with  the group. This week, she steals a piece of the time travel device from  the Vancouver police evidence room. At this rate, who knows by the end  of the season she might begin to sympathize with their cause.

On a somewhat random note, there was an interesting scene regarding  Alec. About halfway through the episode, he joined his stepfather’s  meeting regarding evil corporations and their technology. However, Alec  seemed to disagree with the ideas. Did the audience witness the first  meeting of what will eventually become Liber8? Goodness, I hope so.

Will Kellog continue to help Kiera? Or will his long game prove otherwise?

Rating: 4 out of 5

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