Continuum: Time’s Up


by Ashley Binion

I’m a sucker for a good hostage crisis storyline. “Time’s Up” deviated from the typical ‘catch a murderer’ storyline mold that the series has been using. So, this has been my favorite episode this season.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Once again, the episode started off with a Kiera flashback. She was a part of riot detail. Those who were rioting were stealing food provisions. One of the last scenes of the episode showed her talking with her husband, Greg, about the people stealing food provisions. Apparently he knew about the corporation’s stockpiling food rations and therefore driving prices up.  She was outraged no one was policing the corporations, to which her husband stated, “You’re starting to sound like one of those Liber8 terrorists.” After every episode, I become more and more convinced that Greg is working with future Alec.

I thought it was interesting that even though she lives in a world where corporations are in charge and have full reign over the government, she began to question their practices even before she was sent to 2012. Now, you can see her struggling with the idea the corporations can do whatever they want.

Back in 2012, Alec became suspicious of his step-brother Julian when he skipped out of his chores. I thought it was hilarious that while Alec was doing his chores, he kept working with his tablet. The guy can’t be separated from his technology!

Just like Kiera’s flashback, she and Carlos were called to an “Occupy” gathering in front of a company called Exotrol. It quickly escalated into a riot, a part of which was Julian. While at the scene, she pet a horse and commented that she had never seen one before. I guess they don’t have horses in the future? Oh, and apparently they have the technology to use transparency.

As the Exotrol CEO, Henrietta Sherman, tried to escape, Liber8 kidnapped her.  The group put her on a webcast requesting a ransom of $20 million.

Alec realized Julian was a part of the riot, but didn’t tell Kiera. But he did tell his step-father about Julian being involved in the chaos. I really enjoyed seeing more of Alec’s parents and his interaction with them. His disagreement with his step-father regarding technology was a fascinating exchange to watch. Of course, when his step-brother came back, Julian and his father had it out over their difference of opinion regarding using violence.

The ransom money arrived and Liber8 gave it to the surrounding protestors. But this didn’t satisfy Kagame and crew, so they decided to put her fate to a vote on their website.

And now, may I present a history lesson, brought to you by Liber8. According to Sonya, in 2058, all of the files regarding this time period were purged. Kagame went on to tell her about the government bailing out the corporations in 2010. As a result, the people suffered.

Eventually, Alec, with his genuineness, hacked the terrorist group’s site and led Kiera and Carlos right to the CEO. Sherman saved herself by telling the truth about the board tapping into the pension funds. Interestingly, Kagame kept his word and decided not to use violence in his quest to change people’s attitudes. Instead, the bomb was made of confetti.

All he wanted was for the spectacle to bring awareness to their cause and for them to read the Liber8 manifesto. I like the terrorist group’s new direction of not using violence, as a viewer it is easier to sympathize with their cause.

Kellog was only in one scene in the episode, but it proved to be an important one. He ended up searching the Protector’s apartment and stole the time travel sphere’s missing piece.

It looks as if Liber8 is gaining traction in 2012, because the last image was of a person spray painting their logo onto a side of a building.

Will Liber8’s new found traction change the future? Or will it just solidify what will eventually come to pass?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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