Continuum: The Dying Minutes-Review


By Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Continuum’s penultimate episode continued to deliver explosive moments that make it must watch sci-fi television.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

At the beginning of the series, who would have thought only a handful of Liber8 members would survive to this point. Not only did they disband their group, they lost their leader, Sonya, who honorably sacrificed herself for her cause. It was only fitting that she go out using misdirection.

It was one of those episodes where you knew the character was going to be killed off. She had closure with Kiera, Julian, and Travis (all of these interactions were very poignant and moving, especially the one with Julian). It was hilarious to watch Kiera and Sonya have their own private conversation right in front of the Inspector. He thought he knew what they were talking about, but really he couldn’t be further off. Since there are infinite timelines Kiera could travel to, I would suspect the audience will be seeing Sonya again.

Finally someone came right out and told Julian that Liber8 is from the future. Jason kind of did, but Julian didn’t take it at face value considering it was during one of Jason’s rambling sessions. Theseus continues to become more likeable, especially when he asks how many he kills. He seems heartbroken at Sonya’s answer. Maybe learning thousands die because of him will help Julian lead a peaceful revolution.

As far as Dillon is concerned, it’s not quite specified whether he is dead or not. Two bodies are wheeled out of the precinct, one in a full body bag and the other on life support, suggesting Dillon survived. Later Kellog states there is an opening on the board, suggesting Dillon died. I’m hoping for the latter. It’s maddening to watch him try to explain away his vision of a Minority Report future. With Dillon dead, Carlos could be promoted to Inspector. Surely that would change the future, right?

Curtis’ resurrection was finally shown and somewhat explained. The Original Freelancer’s, or Traveler’s, technology brought Curtis back to life after months, not days, of being dead. It seems as if multiple timelines of Curtis now inhabit one body, which is why Katherine said he was “merged” and had to introduce herself as the “cell keeper.” If it were only one timeline Curtis, he would surely recognize Katherine. Side note: It was pretty gnarly when Curtis sliced Katherine’s throat.

The mystery around The Traveler continues to grow. This is the first glimpse the audience gets of The Traveler and the music in his scenes resembled that of Battlestar Galactica. He appears old with dreadlocks, but take a closer look at his hands and they look as if he is a very young man. Of course there is no shot of his face, making me think he is someone we know hiding behind that head of hair. There was an intriguing line where Katherine was referred to as The Traveler’s jailer, not his disciple.

What shocked me the most about Alec and Kiera’s first interaction was that Alec is still so bitter about being given to the Freelancers. You would think he would be grateful that Kiera recognized her mistake and helped free him, but I guess not.

It’s fascinating to watch the dynamic changes of Rachel Nichols and Erik Knudsen. As Piron Alec and Kiera, their scenes are laced with uncertainty and are awkward to watch but once old Alec and Kiera have a scene together, all of their history makes the encounter full of betrayal, hurt, and (surprisingly) trust. Their bond is the heart of the show, so to finally see the two interact after such a long time apart was like watching two scorned lovers reuniting rather than two old partners in crime. That’s how good they are.

I really like the subtlety of Kiera and Brad’s relationship. It’s almost all left to the imagination. In “3 Minutes to Midnight,” Jason noticed Kiera took off her wedding ring and in this episode they hold hands. It’s uncommon that a series leaves a romantic relationship up to each viewer’s individual interpretation.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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