Continuum: The Desperate Hours


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Continuum’s penultimate episode was explosive. “The Desperate Hours” was an action-packed episode with another character death. However, once again, little was done to start wrapping up the overall series plot.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

I have no idea how the writers are going to end the series. They had six episodes to do so, but have shown little interest in actually doing it. Instead, they have focused all of their energy into the Time Marine plot. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything that’s happened in the past four seasons has been for nothing. That in the end, all of these events actually caused the future 2077 to happen.

Just like Lucas, Travis’ death was a heroic one. He was free from the VPD but he decided to go back and save Carlos as well as the rest of the officers. In order for his story to have a reasonable ending, he had to die. I loved the irony in his death. Throughout the episode, a couple of different people were talking about taking Travis’ body in for research, because he’s a futuristic super soldier; as Kellog called it, a modern day Superman. He blew himself up, so there’s no way for anyone to conduct an experiment on his body.

Another irony in the Liber8 leader’s death is what Kellog told him in the holding cell, “What will they say about Travis Verta at the end? He killed like no other. He terrorized with the best of them.” In his last moments, that’s exactly what he did: killed like no other. I believe that’s why he went back into the VPD. Kellog’s words resonated with him so profoundly that he wanted to redeem his legacy. Even though his tactics were violent, Travis joined Liber8 to fix the hold the Corporate Congress had on the population. He wanted to do good. Travis wanted his legacy to reflect that, not his terrorist ways.

There are now only two original Liber8 members left: Garza and Kellog. I’m not counting Chen because you know he died, had his body merged with another Chen, and he was a Freelancer. Fundamentally that disqualifies him. And do we even count Kellog because he wasn’t really a member of Liber8. Garza wasn’t seen in the episode, so I would expect her to return for the series finale to wrap her story up in some way, most likely in a death because she’s always been reckless and she did die in the original timeline.

Finally characters are verbalizing doubts about time travel into the future and Kiera’s reinvigorated mission to go back to 2077. After a handful of episodes of Kiera being selfish, people are actually calling her out on it. Kiera keeps wanting to know about what will happen when she leaves, but Brad and Kellog essentially asked her, “Why do you care what happens because you’ll be gone.” In these moments are when you see Kiera hesitate in her wanting to go home. She cares about these people and this time. Kiera can’t have it both ways and she’s going to have to pick a time.

The last fifteen minutes of the episode were largely one extended action sequence. Continuum has always done action right, but there’s something about seeing those fifteen minutes being wasted on action that bothers me. Every minute that someone shot someone else was another minute that could’ve been spent on the plot or character development.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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