Continuum: So Do Our Minutes Hasten


By Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

After the last stellar episode, the audience was left with a feeling of hope, but the closing minute of “So Do Our Minutes Hasten” quickly takes that glimmer away.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Poor Carlos, the guy just can’t catch a break. This season, death just follows the detective around through first his Kiera and now Betty. Considering how much Kiera’s death affected him – and he only knew her for a short time – just imagine how hard Betty’s death will rock him. It even looked like his character was on an upswing by finally accepting NewKiera. Hopefully this doesn’t send him over the edge.

I wasn’t sad to see Betty go nor was I shocked. “So Do Our Minutes Hasten” felt much like a swan song for the character (AKA, too much was going right for the character). She finally had good relationships with Dillon, Kiera, and Carlos; she got her ankle monitor off; she solved the case; and there was a nice little backstory moment. Besides being whiney and annoying, as a character, she wasn’t engaging until the writers decided to give her this nice little Liber8 mole storyline. Even then, she still wasn’t a strong “B” character. The writers did a good job with her last episode to make the hacker seem like an integral character to the upcoming plot, so when she died, the audience felt as if they were losing a major character.

After Kiera’s awakening in the previous episode, I wasn’t sure how aggressive she was going to be in her newly found mission. This episode showcased that this might be a slow burn type of plot. She didn’t make any drastic moves, especially since she was saddled working with Dillon for the episode, but she did hint to Betty that she was switching sides. It was a subtle but satisfying.

Kiera wasn’t too thrilled about teaming up with Garza again. Kiera and we know that they would be a good team, but Kiera isn’t ready for that much Liber8 that soon. In other words, it’s too much too soon. She needs to slowly work her way into her new political and moral philosophy.

Alec had very little to do this episode. He continued his slow ascent up the Piron ranks and continued on his way to becoming the future Alec Sadler. Jason reappeared to help his dad out with the “Halo.” His reaction when Alec called him son was probably the funniest thing (besides Jason’s conversation with Carlos in the police station) I have seen so far on this series. It was hilarious. I’m not digging his new look. There was something about the tattered clothes and the headband that lent itself to his kooky personality. Without the look, he doesn’t seem as crazy as he was. And Kellog took advantage by giving him spy glasses.

This new Liber8 rival is intriguing. Up until this point, the only major threat to the group has been the police, so having a new group become the antagonists will be refreshing. By making Liber8 the victim allows for more sympathy to be thrown their way by both Kiera and the audience.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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