Continuum: Second Wave


by Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

For the first time, Continuum took advantage of their ever-growing cast. Every character was seen at least once in the episode, but trying to fit in all of the characters made the episode feel a bit choppy at times.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The beautiful thing about Continuum is that all of the storylines are connected to one another and are becoming increasingly intertwined, and that is to be applauded; but in this episode, the execution wasn’t quite there. When there are tons of different plot points happening, the viewer shouldn’t be overwhelmed by their sheer volume. In the Continuum universe, nothing is done without reason behind it, so expect it all to come together at some point.

The action sequence toward the middle of the episode was incredible. The body snatchers sought out Kiera. Apparently knowing who she was, they countered her invisible suit with future technology of their own. Talking about cool tech, Kiera used some kind of a stun gun while capturing Garza. She looked pretty pleased to show Carlos her toy from the future.

The body snatching Freelancers are becoming more and more intriguing. Not only do they counter the Protector’s technology with their more advanced tech, but they capture Garza towards the end of the episode. So far, they have only taken dead bodies of time travelers.

Julian continued his path of becoming Theseus. His right-hand lady gathered his followers, but they weren’t too receptive to his presence at their rally. He gave a small speech, and just like that he won them over. For the record, the speech wasn’t that great.

After capturing the Protector, the young terrorist had the option to kill her for his cause, the audience knew he wouldn’t do it, but the anticipation of watching him decide was riveting. It was a crucial moment in the character’s evolution. By showing Kiera that he wouldn’t use violence in his cause, gained some good favor. Oh, and the irony wasn’t lost on me that the Theseus gathering was in the Gastown district and the police fired tear gas into the crowd.

It took Kiera a week to figure out something was wrong with Gardiner. Ever since he arrived on the canvas, he has been attached to the Protector’s hip trying to figure her out. Just because they came to some understanding and started to work together, doesn’t mean that he would all of a sudden disappear.

Travis having his CMR activated can only lead to bad things. He is already using it to try and hunt down Kiera and find a kidnapped Garza. When his was activated, it was hilarious to see the young genius and the Protector freak out that they were on a conference call with the Liber8 soldier.

It looks like Lucas continued down the path of going crazy. He began seeing dead Chen (who turned out to be a freelancer), like he saw dead Kagame in “Seconds.” Could the time travel actually be affecting people’s brain? That could be why Jason seems a little off.

How long will it take for Kiera to figure out that Gardiner is dead? What do the body snatcher Freelancers want with Garza? Could Julian really be changing?

Rating: 4 out of 5

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