Continuum: Second Time


by Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

“Time travel…it’s the family business.” Wow, just wow. So, all of that just happened. The season finale of Continuum was jammed packed with twists, action, and major revelations.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

So much happened in the episode, it was like they threw in five episodes worth of plot into forty-three minutes.

Alec had his Star Wars moment in the episode when it was revealed that his father wasn’t Jason, but Mr. Escher. Not only that, the reason Jason was a DNA match is because he is Alec’s son. Time travel really is a family business. Kudos to Alec pulling off the double backstab by time traveling back to save Emily.

One of the many standout lines, which could have been easily missed, came during Kiera’s fight with Travis, who was eventually killed in the struggle. He said that she is the real villain in the story. When looked at closer, he has a point. She is the one trying to stop Liber8 from achieving their goal of fixing the future. She wants to preserve it for herself and her family, but is that in the best interest for the future? She is Liber8’s version of Agent Gardiner. For real character development Continuum needs to challenge Kiera’s viewpoint of the future.

Speaking of the future, Continuum did a fantastic job of intertwining 2077 future plot with present 2013 plot. It gave viewers context to the big revelations happening in 2013.

The first scene of the beginning of the season, where Kiera was running around in a white dress, was further explained. After Alec time-traveled to the past in order to save Emily, the Protector and the rest of Liber8 were captured by the Freelancers and put into clear boxes.

So, the Freelancers are more like time continuum cops, protecting the past, present, and future timelines. That’s why they have made it their mission to capture and body snatch people from the future. And apparently there are multiple timelines. Oh, and they can reanimate people because Chen is alive and well, unless he traveled from a different timeline.

Inspector Dillon officially placed himself on the dark side when he declared Kiera and Carlos to be Public Enemies Number One and Two. He was later seen reading the CPS manual, the police force Kiera works for in the future. On the bright side, we now know how the CPS was started.

What is up with Carlos? He just completely leaves the job he loves to run away with his ex-girlfriend Betty, who by the way is a Liber8 mole. For a guy who seems to pride himself on being a straight shooter within the department he just abandons it without a second thought. The most surprising thing is that after they run away, they meet up with Julian and his mother, who he shakes hands with.

The writers continue to tie everything in neat little bows, and it is truly fascinating to watch. But how long could that possibly last until the whole thing comes crashing down? Thank goodness Continuum was picked up for a third season because they have tons of explaining to do.

Will Alec be able to save Emily? How is Chen alive? Will the time travelers be able to escape their boxes? Is Carlos really on board with Theseus? Will the Freelancers reanimate Travis?

Rating: 5 out of 5

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