Continuum: Second Thoughts


by Ashley Binion

Arguably the series’ biggest revelations came during the hour, as well as the return of everyone’s favorite kooky time-traveler Jason.

Previously on Continuum: Garza broke Travis out of prison during his transfer to another facility. Kellog was up to his conman ways and hired Alec to do some work for him.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

In the scenes from Kiera’s past, the audience learned her sister committed suicide while under the influence of Flash, a drug where the user is able to pick a memory and relive it. This connected seamlessly to the events occurring in 2013.

The storyline of a drug epidemic seems to be a popular one these days. A similar one was used in this season’s Arrow called Vertigo. Of course the drugs aren’t the same, but the storylines were quite alike. Flash was created in the future to help with Alzheimer’s, but was useless once the disease was cured.

The best reveal in the episode was about the crazy time-traveler Jason, who Kiera met in the season one finale. He is still the most hilarious thing about the series and elevates every scene he appears. With his character’s reveal, hopefully he becomes a larger player as the season and series moves forward.

Alec, curious about the drug, took it and was transported back to when his mom was arguing with his dad, who was Jason. Shocker! It makes sense because he said he was there for a few decades, but wouldn’t that create some kind of paradox? Also, it could be that Alec was just putting him as the role of his father because he saw him earlier in the episode. A girl he knew said when she took Flash, it was better than being in the memory. So, it sounds like the drug puts the user back in the memory but enhances it.

Meanwhile, in the struggle for power of Liber8, Garza and Travis attempted to take out Sonya. Both Travis and Sonya have different ideas on how to move the Liber8 movement forward. Travis wanted to take a more hands-on approach, while Sonya embraced Kagame’s philosophy of little violence. Although, I don’t know how much validity that argument has considering Kagame himself blew up a building in the season one finale. Anyways, their fundamentally different views on the movement, and the fact that Sonya tried to kill Travis, has fractured their movement and created an intense power struggle.

Even though the Liber8 movement has grown in number through the general public, the original group of time traveling prisoners has greatly diminished. If I counted correctly, there are only five prisoners who are still alive from the original time travel and breaking up into smaller groups might not be the smartest move.

Travis seems to be thriving in his own partnership with Garza. Toward the end of the episode, the super soldier strong-armed a gang into working with him and other gangs.

Some cool tech that was featured was a helicopter taxi in the 2077 flashback. That seems so much more efficient than today’s regular taxis. In 2013, Kiera used a gun to implant a tracker into a car, but the best part was that it was sucked into the metal so it was undetectable to the eye.

What did you think about Jason being Alec’s bio dad? Is he really his dad or was he just visiting the young genius? Will Travis take control of Liber8 with the help of the gangs? Will Alec get any closer to the freelancers?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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