Continuum: Second Skin


by Ashley Binion

So far, the second season hasn’t had a misstep and this episode wasn’t any different. Instead of focusing on finding a murderer, Kiera and Liber8 were both on the hunt to find something from 2077 and they found a few surprises along the way.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Like always, the episode began with a look at 2077. This time Kiera and her partner Elena were participating in a simulation. Of course, this tied in nicely with the rest of the episode.

Alec noticed a data spike similar to when Kiera arrived in 2013, so she went on a hunt to find another possible time traveler. Instead, she came upon a Protector suit exactly like hers that had been sold to Rex, a random character. This led her to her former partner Elena, now in a nursing home, who had been dropped off in 1975.

Probably the best part of an outside character finding the second suit was that the character was relatable to the audience. I’m going to guess that a good amount of the people who watch the series are sci-fi fans, so by creating a character that is also a sci-fi fan, so important to the episode made it enjoyable to watch. Also, props to the writers for integrating a cosplay wedding.

In this episode, Kiera’s emotional journey was once again about family. She saw that Elena, who went through the same thing just decades earlier, was able to settle down and have a happy life with a family. At the end of the episode, she encouraged Kiera to do the same. So far, Kiera’s main hookup has been leaving her family behind. Maybe she will take her old partner’s suggestion and move on, just hopefully not with Carlos.

Elena got the raw end of the deal compared to Kiera. She was dropped off in 1975 whereas her partner was dropped off in our present. It’s easier for Kiera to blend into our society with the advancement of technology compared to the technology of the ’70s.

The power struggle for Liber8 continued. This time, both Travis and Sonya wanted the suit. Travis and Garza’s strategy of attacking companies that the public already hates is genius. In today’s economy, everyone knows that gas companies are getting away with highway robbery and it’s putting a strain on people’s wallets. Instead of targeting companies that aren’t worthy of their time yet, they are focusing on the public’s current concerns. The duo is even lessening death of innocents. Garza pulled out the driver of the rig before she blew it up.

Alec’s love interest, Emily, began putting a strain on his relationship with Kiera. It looks like this season is throwing tons of obstacles between the young genius and the Protector. In Season One, the duo had a very symbiotic relationship, but with Alec leaving the farm his character has begun to slowly grow out of his relationship with Kiera.

Gardiner is becoming more and more annoying as the season rolls on. Who just jumps in a car after a person said they were on their way to visit a sick friend? Not cool man, not cool. Kiera and Elena handled it like champs though and played it off perfectly. Sure, the audience isn’t supposed to like Gardiner because he is trying to expose Kiera, but at points it’s like listening to nails on a chalkboard.

Did Emily already know who Alec was before she approached him? Who else from 2077 will pop up along the way? Will Gardiner ever figure out who Kiera is?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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