Continuum: Second Opinion


by Ashley Binion

Everyone has one of those days when you have a full-on breakdown because you’re suspected of being a mole for the police department you consult with and celebrate a birthday of someone who hasn’t been born yet…right?

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Before I go any further, I have to give major props to Rachel Nichols for her performance in this episode, she rocked it. So far in the series, Kiera has been somewhat detached from her emotions, but this episode dived head first into the character’s psyche. Sure, it might be hard to relate to her character’s unique situation as a time-traveler, but this episode more than any other, was successful in making the audience sympathize with the Protector.

I’m actually shocked her breakdown didn’t happen earlier. More than a few times, she has expressed longing for her family and wanting to get back to her time. It was only natural she would reach a breaking point and her son’s birthday was it.

Kiera was handling missing Sam’s birthday quite well, but with the added pressure of the mole witch hunt and Gardiner being his annoying self she finally snapped. The best part was when she was bombarded with a psychoanalyst hologram Sam Fairweather, played by Battlestar Gallactica and Smallville alum Alessandro Juliani.

Usually I would point out the cool technology in an episode, but I think it’s pretty obvious an onboard holographic doctor speaks for itself.

After finally accepting her situation, she was able to shake the doctor. It was pretty hilarious when she told him that they were in 2013 (she even showed him that we use paper towels to dry our hands) and he just thought she had an extreme psychological break. Her new outlook on life might hold some promising new developments.

This might have been the closest thing to a “bottle episode” the show has produced. Most of the scenes were in the police precinct and almost all Liber8 members were absent from the episode.

Betty as the mole wasn’t that shocking. Once she confessed she went to a Liber8 meeting and it was off the books, it was clear. It was too convenient that she only spoke of it once Inspector Dillon was ousted from the investigation. This storyline opens up some doors for Betty’s character, who so far has been underused and all around forgettable.

I always find Continuum‘s episode titles innovative. The first season was all about “time,” and this season is all about “second.” This episode title was directly correlated to Kiera’s CMR shrink working through her emotions. Even more obscurely was its reference to a new officer taking over for Dillon.

Jason reappeared and somehow had diagrams of the time travel sphere. It should be fun watching Alec and Jason work together on the device.

Will Inspector Dillon return? Will Betty try and set Kiera up as the mole? What is Liber8 planning on doing with Betty?

Rating: 4 out of 5

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  1. JoelJuly 8th, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Love this show and loved your review!

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