Continuum: Second Last


by Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Season Two’s penultimate episode was jammed packed with action and set up what is to be an epic finale showdown.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

One of the coolest things, besides the awesome technology, in the opening scene of the episode was the CPS had a murder mystery on their hands. In the future, a Sadtech engineer was murdered for working on the time travel device. Kiera has said before that murders going unsolved in the future are rare, so expect answers to be given as to the identity of the murderer.

Unknown to Kiera, she was actually onto the Liber8’s execution escape. It appeared as if her superior was in on the plot considering how quickly he told her to forget about perusing the lead.

It neatly wove itself in with the episode. Just like the scene in 2077, in 2013 there was discussion of anti-matter, a murder mystery evolved, and the time travel device became a major player.

The fight towards the end of the episode was utterly fantastic. There was no way all five of them, (Kiera, Carlos, Alec, Jason, and Emily) would get out of that situation alive. Fortunately, only Emily bit the dust.

It’s somewhat cliché that Alec could turn evil because his girlfriend died. It happens so often in every medium that tells a story. Honestly, she had to go because she knew way too much. What possessed Alec to tell her about the time travel device, or that Kiera was from the future? He knew she wants to get home, and to just hand over the device to Emily so she could destroy it was completely out of character. And, why was he not more angered that he was the target of a con by the person who claimed to love him?

Before all hell broke loose, Jason and Alec had an interesting father and son talk. Sometimes Jason is so with it and alert, but in this scene he seemed to revert back to his eccentric self. The young genius confronted Jason about abandoning him and his mom, and the time traveler told him he left to protect him and his mom.

Gardiner’s death was finally addressed, and in a big way. Not only did they find the body, Kiera became main suspect in his murder investigation. Whoever is setting up Kiera is doing a beautiful job. It’s known that the Protector has had a tumultuous relationship with the federal agent in the past, and the incident of threatening to kill him didn’t make the situation any better. Carlos was a stand up partner, risking his own job to warn Kiera.

Time for a cool tech alert. When Kiera and Elena recreated a Sadtech engineer’s murder with a grid scan display, but the murderer used a cloaking device to keep their identity a mystery. Later in the episode Kiera used some sort of device, it almost looked like a laser, to torture Kellog.

Speaking of Kellog, he was roughed up a couple times in the episode, first by Travis then by Kiera. Unlike most of the episodes this season, he was present for a good amount of the hour.

Will Travis be able to take down the Protector? Will Kiera actually get back to 2077? What will Alec say to Mr. Escher?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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