Continuum: Second Chances


by Ashley Binion

Last season on Continuum Liber8 leader Kagame sacrificed himself for the cause, Sonya confronted Travis, Alec found a mysterious message from his older self, and Agent Gardiner saw Kiera disappear from the chaos, and Julian was sent to prison.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Like all of the episodes from the first season, scenes from the future bookended the season premiere. The first one was a dream Kiera was having of being drugged and captured. When she woke up her husband, Greg, looked suspiciously up at older Alec’s office. Even though he was only in the episode for a couple seconds, it appeared as if he knew why his wife was having CMR difficulties. Since things connect seamlessly on this series, I expect there to be a greater meaning to her dream.

The episode’s final scene revealed elder Alec’s message to his younger self, and transferring it to Kiera’s CMR (this was one of the causes of her bad dream). His message was to make sure that the future gets changed. Older Alec seemed remorseful of the direction he took the future. Before this, the audience was only given glimpses of an aging sinister genius. With this one scene, the audience is given a different look at the man: one that wants to fix his mistakes. That’s why he sent the terrorist group, to make sure the corporations don’t take over. But, that begs the question: Is he sincere? Or was it just a manipulation tactic?

Alec’s message to his younger counterpart became a point of contention in his relationship with Kiera. He avoided her for much of the episode, moved out of his mother’s house, and looked for a job. Eventually he had a heart to heart with her toward the end of the episode. By trying to follow the message, he could easily become more distant as the season continues.

Kiera’s lack of current pop culture knowledge continues to be hilarious, especially when Carlos made the Batman joke.

The case of the week involved the assassination of the mayor. It was revealed that Garza, a Liber8 terrorist, was the one who pulled the trigger. For much of the episode, the former Protector acted as a vigilante. It was fun to see her work without the constraints of the current police system.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Tahmoh Penikett’s rising politician back on the canvas. Hopefully, his character becomes a major player in the upcoming season. As his character is planning on running for mayor, especially with Liber8 backing him, I expect he will be seen a good amount.

Speaking of the Liber8 movement, Sonya and Travis had it out in the hospital storage closet. Last time the audience saw them, she told him about Kagame’s death and his wish for her to become the new leader. She shot the de facto leader a handful of times, but in the operating room he survived and showed superhuman strength. Eventually he was caught and put in prison along with Alec’s stepbrother Julian. I attribute his strength to when he was given that serum after his near death experience in season one.

Kiera’s cool future technology made an apperance this episode. With Alec’s help, she reconstructed a 360 degree view of the crime scene via her CMR. Also in the episode, she used her suit to disguise herself as Alec’s mom. She even told Agent Gardiner she was from the future and uses technology that hasn’t been invented, but he didn’t believe her. Hey, she told him the truth, he just chose not to believe her.

Will Alec listen to his older self? Will Kiera get herself into trouble by becoming the police department’s vigilante? Why do you think Agent Gardiner insisted on Julian and Travis being in the same prison?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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