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By Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Continuum thrives on a slow burn type of storytelling, but as the season winds its way down, the pace quickens. In “Revolutions Per Minute,” there were an abundance of plot twists that had viewers on the edge of their seats.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Once again, Continuum broke their mold and did something completely different with flashbacks. This time, instead of flashing back to the sometime in the future, Dillon had a daydream to when he hired Betty. It was such a sweet and innocent scene between the two that showed how far each character has come from that initial meeting. It was also fun to see the initial attraction that Betty had toward Carlos and since the audience never saw the romance play out on screen, this was a nice nod to that relationship.

Jason was the experimental guinea pig for the new Halo prototype. He became more lucid, which could eventually turn him into a major power player. In 2077, he seemed very with-it and put together, being his dad’s number two. I do have to say, if he keeps Halo, I will miss his quirkiness.

According to Jason, the Halo technology wasn’t supposed to be invented till 2028, so you have to think the leap in technology is premature, which is why Jason had adverse effects at the end of the episode. But, since it’s looking more and more like the future has been changed, the timetable could have been sped up for the technology.

This was the first time Kiera actively helped in taking down a future Corporate Congress company. Little did she know she was playing right into Liber8’s plan. After her recent change of heart, as a viewer you want to see her become more active in embracing her new philosophy but at what cost? According to Kiera, Gautuma eventually cures the common cold and develops a way to help people with Alzheimer’s. This small, underrated company grows into a powerhouse in the Corporate Congress, but helps millions of people in the process. Kiera eventually takes down Gautuma, but in the process destroys future medical process.

John Doe isn’t a John Doe anymore. In the previous episode, there were hints that the amnesiac was military and this episode confirmed that, of course after taking a hit of Flash. It’s surprising that Kiera would give Brad the futuristic drug considering how Flash affected her sister and how much she wanted the drug off of the street. She even went to great lengths in this episode to prove that Gautuma Medical was using the drug in their trials. It was a rare moment where she acted out of character. Maybe it was a case of the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality.

It seems as if Kiera and Piron Alec are done. After realizing he took out Second Timeline Kiera’s CMR, she can never trust this Alec ever again. With this sudden betrayal look for Kiera to question her decision to lock up her timeline’s Alec.

Plot twist: Brad was the one who killed Kiera, not Curtis. Really, it isn’t surprising that he is a “bad guy” but there still isn’t enough information to determine if he really is a villain. Since Curtis didn’t kill Kiera, maybe he was there to stop Brad from committing murder but obviously failed in his mission. This could also explain why he attacked Brad in “Minute of Silence.”

Finally Kellog and the Protector got some scenes together. As usual, their witty banter was the funniest part of the episode. The most shocking part came when Brad ran into a retreating Kellog and said he remembered Kellog and that he was a big deal in the future. Even more intriguing, he didn’t recognize Alec Sadler’s name. It looks like they have indeed changed the future, but who knows if it’s for the better.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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