Continuum: Power Hour Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Now halfway through Continuum’s final season, the series continues to meander through what appears to be set-up for the series finale.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

With “Power Hour,” the series has aired half of their final season. There are only three episodes left and I’m starting to get worried. Continuum has set up so much mythology from their past three seasons they have to address it in some way to make a satisfying conclusion. So far, they haven’t done that.

For example, in season three, The Traveler was introduced and they created a whole narrative around one character and his minions, the Freelancers. That character is still almost a complete mystery. Instead of seeing the Traveler’s agenda and him manipulate the timeline, the audience sees Chen doing all of the Traveler’s work.

In the final season of a series, it’s typical to see the stakes rise and characters be killed off. So, it wasn’t surprising to see a death, but it was still sad. Even though Lucas was the tech behind Liber8, he was a fringe character. Arguably, the least visible of the group.

It was satisfying to see Lucas have a hero’s death. He put himself in danger to save the Protector and Garza. Lucas was never the muscle behind Liber8, but bravery took over and he was able to save Kiera from Marcellus. Surprisingly he landed a head shot in the Time Marine’s leader before being killed by Brad. On a second viewing, Brad’s shot looked instinctual. His shot was a reaction to Marcellus being killed. Brad even looked regretful after realizing what he had done.

Kiera trusting Brad has become a problem. What’s surprising is that towards the beginning of the episode, she trusted Brad more than Carlos. (After killing Lucas, I’m thinking not so much.) The Inspector’s line about trusting Brad was dead on. Just like last episode, Carlos is the audience surrogate. At this point the Time Marine unreliable. He killed Lucas, killed second timeline Kiera, told Kiera he wants the Time Marines’ pen back (it clearly isn’t a pen), and hasn’t given her any inside knowledge.

Carlos and Kiera’s relationship has hit a bit of a rough spot. It’s changed drastically. This could be because of Kiera’s rejuvenated purpose to get back to 2077 or Carlos’ new position as Inspector. Kiera’s acting selfish and shady. Right now, as a character, she’s unrootable. She enlists Alec to lie to the Inspector when he’s always had her back

The theme of the episode was “take control of your destiny.” Thanks to some wise words from Lucas, Julien and Alec were both trying to change their destinies. Alec decided to join the VPD as a technology consultant, aka Betty’s old job, and Julian went to help raise and mentor Kagame. What’s weird is that even though Julian went to live with Kagame to try subverting future Kagame’s terrorist tactics, he could be playing into the future. Living with the child could actually be aiding the future instead of subverting it. And I loved that little Kagame was in the background demolishing a block building. It was a nice callback to Kagame’s death.

Garza and Kiera working together was one of the episode’s highlights. Whenever they work together, it is fun to watch. On the surface they are such polar opposites, but on deeper level are the same. I never thought I would agree with Garza, but she’s right, Kiera is too soft. But Kiera not blowing up the building is in character for her. Still having a mindset of a Protector, she could never kill that many people.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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