Continuum: Playtime


by Ashley Binion

For those who love the concept  of mind-control through tech, this was the episode for you.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Again, this week began with  a flashback to 2077. Kiera sat in on a Sadtech demonstration, Alec’s  future corporation. Lucas, Liber8 member, was in charge of the Sadtech  demonstration. Essentially, they developed a mind-control device. Lucas  ended up losing control of the soldier and he went haywire. So, maybe  they aren’t quite ready for mind-control in the future.

In 2012, the show connected  the flashback to Beta testers who begin to kill others through mind-control.  When Kiera went to investigate at a prominent tech company, she tested  a virtual reality prototype gaming system. It ended up wiping out her  CMR.

Eventually, it was revealed  that Fred Nettinger, lead programmer for the tech company, was working  with Lucas. In exchange, he gave Nettinger the mind-control technology  from the future, which was featured in the flashback sequence. Of course,  Kellog ended up overhearing the entire conversation.

Alec had his hands full this  episode. He continued to work on Kiera’s protector suit, had to figure  out how to reboot Kiera’s CMR, and prevented Lucas from hacking Kiera.

Once Alec rebooted Kiera’s system,  Lucas was able to access her CMR and control her. Kellog tried to warn  her, but was unsuccessful. Commence the battle for Kiera’s mind. May  the odds ever be in your favor!

In short, Kiera, under control  of Kagame and Lucas, tried to kill Nettinger. When Carlos tried to stop  her, they fought. If you ever wondered who would win in a fight between  the Protector and the detective, well the answer is the girl from the  future. She kicked his butt. Sometimes, I wonder what Carlos is even  useful for.

She then tried to kill her partner,  but Kellog talked her off of the edge just long enough for Alec to shut  her down. With that, Kagame figured out Alec was the genius hacker who  fought off Lucas.

For only the second time in  the series, Alec left the ranch and met up with Kiera. After Alec rebooted  her, he wanted to tell her something, but ended up keeping it to himself.  I enjoyed seeing Alec and Kiera actually share a scene in the same room.   Since the duo have so many scenes together, and their banter is done  so well, they make it difficult to remember that they have only had  a couple scenes where they are physically in the same room.

The Protector confronted Kellog about how he stole  the piece to the time travel device. I always find their scenes and  dynamic entertaining. They are clearly using each other for information,  but underneath there seems to be this weird flirtatious energy. Let’s  just say that I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up becoming romantic.

At the end of the episode, Alec began looking through  encrypted files on Kiera’s CMR. The genius found one labeled, “Alec  Sadler, 2012. Read Me First.” I wonder what’s in that file or if he  even opened it. My interest is officially peaked.

What will Kagame do now he knows Alec is the one  helping Kiera?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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  1. Eric RossMarch 8th, 2013 at 12:43 pm

    I seriously love this show. Great summary, Ashley. I figure future Alec told 2012 Alec that the Liber8 people in 2012 are going to come after him. And/Or give him some information that will help him fix Kiera and keep her around.

    Love it. Makes me wonder why it took SyFy so long to pick it up from those silly Canadians. 😉

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