Continuum-Minute of Silence


By Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

After the death in “So Do Our Minutes Hasten,” Continuum continues down a dark path with Carlos and Alec, all the while exploring the slow rise of the future’s Corporate Congress.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Throughout the series, the Corporate Congress has been this entity that has rarely been explored but has always been an overarching “big bad.” Thankfully, the series has taken a deep dive into these large corporations – Piron, Sonmanto, and Greypoint Security – in the past few episodes. (That parkour burglar was so awesome. Using the first person point of view as he jumped and climbed was something I don’t recall seeing before on television.) Exploring how they came into power is absolutely riveting to watch. With each passing episode, their interconnectedness grows. If the series can pull together all of the time travelers into an alliance to take down the Corporate Congress, it would be so epic.

Speaking of time travelers, the audience was introduced to a new one in “Minute of Silence.” Even before Kiera admitted she trusted John Doe, you could tell she was intrigued by the idea that she didn’t know him but he knew her, even though he has lost his memory. Who knows what his angle is, or if his memory is really lost. It could be a clever ruse to get close to the Protector, considering it was alluded to that he used to be a part of the military. I hope his intentions are good because there is some major chemistry between Kiera and John Doe. I’m conflicted because technically she is still married to the cheating Greg, but I think her and John Doe could be cute.

Carlos showed Alec the body. Yep, that body. You know, their timeline’s Kiera? Or as they have dubbed it, Original Timeline Kiera. The fact that Carlos is still holding on to the decaying body gives me the willies. It’s easier to wrap your head around it when it was first revealed he was keeping the body, considering she was only dead for a couple days. But, now it is weeks later and he still has it. The minute he’s off the clock, he runs to the body and starts drinking. The dude’s in a dark place.

Maybe all the detective needed was to talk to someone about everything that’s been going down. His only option is Alec; he’s the only other person who’s just as far down the time-traveling rabbit hole as he is. What is most interesting about their interaction is Alec. The young genius automatically starts talking about his problems at Piron and you can tell how much more narcissistic he has become.

The writers have carefully taken this kid stuck on a farm and transformed him into power-hungry boardroom shark. He still has a long way to go until he becomes his elder counterpart, but the transition is evident in the final scene where he takes Kiera’s CMR. (Though, he totally should have “Dextered” up with gloves and an apron before he cut her skull open.) With his new place in Piron, his desperation for technological help skyrockets. Could the young genius taking the technological shortcut of stealing Kiera’s CMR actually change the future?

Kellog has had little-to-nothing to do in this season except troll on Alec. It’s a real shame because of how enjoyable he was during the first season. During this run of episodes, he has only had a few scenes with Kiera and that’s where his character shines. There’s something about their dynamic that was always entertaining and the show feels like its missing its season one playfulness. To be fair, the series taken a much darker turn in its third season that probably wouldn’t lend itself to the playful banter between the two.

Thoughts on John Doe? Any guesses on who or when he might be from?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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