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By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

After a question-answering season three premiere, “Minute Man” returned to Continuum’s normal pace, which isn’t a bad thing. Continuum has a methodical way about its storytelling, so the fast-paced season two finale and season three premiere (which were amazing) were outliers for the series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Like almost every episode of the series, it started with a flashback. (Or a flash-forward? I’ve had problems in the past trying to figure out what to call these sequences, but now it’s even more confusing because the new timeline is constantly changing.) And, are these flashbacks/flash-forwards still about old-timeline Kiera? Are these moments that old Kiera experienced? And, the new season even got a snazzy new opening without the annoying voiceover recounting Kiera’s travels.

If the scene was about old-timeline Kiera, we learned a few things about the 2067 and the Protector. Her mom and sister didn’t approve of her entering the CPS, her family had financial difficulties, there’s a bad haircut trend, there are these things called “life credits” which are a lot like money, people aren’t allowed to have printed media, and repo men in the future are very rude. Once again, the series brings it full circle and has Kiera find her future family home in the present. The full circle moments continue to be satisfying.

The biggest disappointment about season two was significantly less Kellog. However, “Minute Man” heavily featured the con artist. His character adds a bit of lightness to the darker aspects of the series and Kellog’s interactions with Kiera are full of laughs. They have this love/hate relationship that is always entertaining to watch. The con man figured out that there were two Alecs and something amiss with the timeline. I’m still not sure how he put those things together, but he did and it was awesome to see him throw the Protector off her game.

I liked that even though things are changing in this new timeline, some things haven’t. Jason, much like in the original timeline, hid the time travel ball in the milk canister.

Martin’s suicide toward the end of the episode was foreshadowed nicely, but shocking nonetheless. After focusing a good amount of plot on Martin’s mayoral campaign, it would have been nice to see him really infiltrate the government for Liber8. Sadly, this means we will no longer see Tahmoh Penikett. Single tear.

Liber8 put the band back together and looked as strong as ever. I have really come to enjoy the three core Liber8 members. The more you see them wreak havoc on the Protector and the world, the more it makes me want to root for them. I know, it’s twisted.

Involving Carlos in this whole “hide the body” game took a toll on the poor detective. The guy can only take so much before breaking, but it shows how much Kiera trusts him, especially compared to Alec right now.

Major props to Erik Knudsen: his portrayal of the two Alecs is fundamentally different. New timeline Alec still has a lightness and happiness about him, while old timeline Alec has an air of sadness and despair. This is even shown in the wardrobe choices, with one wearing all black while the other sticks to lighter colors.

It’s always fun to watch an actor play two versions of the same character, that way you can really see the actor flex their acting muscle. I would have liked to seen Rachel Nichols play two different versions of Kiera; hopefully she’ll get the chance when they move on to a third timeline later in the series.

Who do you think is Kiera’s killer? (I think it’s Emily) One Alec has to go, so who do you think Kiera will choose to keep around? What do you think is Kellog’s angle?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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