Continuum: Lost Hours Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Continuum is back. After a year-and-a-half hiatus, the fourth and final season opened with a strong episode that brought viewers back to the final scene of season three’s tense cliffhanger.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Just in case you sped through the very long recap in the first few minutes of the episode, here’s a quick look at where the series left us: the remaining members of Liber8 teamed up with Kiera to prevent Halo’s launch, Original Timeline Alec killed Second Timeline/Piron Alec, Kellog gained control over Piron, Brad and Kiera were met with armed soldiers after they planted the beacon, Sonia told Julian about his future before she became a human bomb, and Carlos is the interim commissioner.

For the most part, “Lost Hours” was a setup for the final episodes to come. Even though there were some mechanical plot devices to work through, they were hardly noticeable because of the excellent character moments attached to them.

I would have flipped out if Kiera actually woke up in 2080. It would have completely ruined the series for me. There were a couple of fun upsides to the scene, though. We got to see Kiera’s son again. The writers found a completely plausible and brilliant way for having her son age. And, her cheating husband was nowhere to be found.

Before her CMR-fueled trip back to the future (Ah, see what I did there), she finally accepted she wasn’t making it back home. It was a major turning point for that character. She was finally happy in our time, even happy being with Brad. But, with the CMR-fueled daydream, she returned to her original goal of getting back home. I understand she wants to go back to be with her son, but she has no idea what’s waiting for her in the future. He might not even exist. It’s disappointing to see her character regress back to her season one shenanigans.

Thankfully it appears that Kellog will be front and center for the last season. The introduction of Brad relegated Kellog to the background for most of season three, and then all of a sudden in the last few minutes of the junior run, he gains control of Piron. If “Lost Hours” is any indication, he will have his hand in major plot lines this season.

Really, the series has never known what to do with Kellog. In that first run of episodes, he was the guy who was reluctantly pulled into Liber8 and was the sleaze who only looked out for himself. He was an interesting character who was constantly pushed to the side. He’s never been evil, just self-preserving. This is one of the reasons this series is so great: the ever-changing alliances. In the end, every character is looking out for their own interests; it’s very grounded and realistic.

The Time Marines, which is what I’m going to call the time traveling soldiers from 2039, are being very cryptic with Brad. Who knows what time they are actually coming from. It could have taken them years to prep their mission, which could be why they were referencing how things got worse for them. Also, their technology? Way cool. You know they mean business when one shot throws Kiera through the back door of a delivery truck or when one shot takes off a large chunk of a wall.

Kiera and Alec’s scene at Piron Alec’s apartment was sweetly reminiscent of old times. They’ve had so much angst over the past two seasons that it’s finally a relief to see the two be friends again.

It seems like every review I do of Continuum, I praise their fight scenes. Besides Netflix’s Daredevil, Continuum consistently has the best fight sequences. There were a couple action scenes in “Lost Hours” that were well done, but nothing like the awesomeness that was Emily’s scene.

Clearly the henchmen cheated with their stun gun because Emily, on her own, mind you, was kicking their butts. And whose idea was it to send her out for groceries after Kellog and Alec just threw down? Emily’s the young genius’ weakness. Of course she’s the first target Kellog’s going to have.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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