Continuum Last Minute Review


By: Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Like the two seasons before it, Continuum dropped a huge cliffhanger on the audience in this season’s finale, but not before some revelations and epic action sequences.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

It’s what I’ve been waiting for ever since “Waning Minutes” when Kiera finally awakened from her passive CMR sleep – a Team Kiera and Liber8 team up – and it was glorious.

Continuum did what they do best and continued their slow-burn type of storytelling ever since Kiera’s awakening, so it was about time that she finally admitted to the remaining Liber8 members she now realizes what’s going on and she wants to change the future. Watching Kiera, Travis, and Garza walk into Piron (in a formation might I add!) was a thing of beauty.

Finally Kiera has unwaveringly accepted that she will never get back to her family in 2077. Ever since the pilot, her one goal was to get back to her son Sam (whom there hasn’t been one flashback of in this season), but as she said, now she feels like she belongs in this time. As a result, she has put her full allegiance to this timeline and this future. The speech she made to the group of time travelers in the old SadTech lab was stirring.

Carlos in a blazer! The interim inspector job agrees well with him; too bad he will likely be ousted once Dillon recovers. Not only did he put up a fight when Kellog asked for extra security for Alec and put the Piron deal under review, he helped Kiera and company switch out the Alecs. The Batman reference that flew right over Kiera’s head was brilliant. Sometimes I wish they would go back to her trying to navigate life in our present day because those are some of the best comedic moments.

All of the interactions between the two Alecs were so well done, including the fantastic fight scene. My only complaint about the fight scene is that there were no distinguishable features between the two Alecs, so as a spectator, you never knew which one was actually winning the fight. You didn’t really know who lived until Kiera took out the security chip from Piron Alec’s dead body.

A Kellog-led Piron can’t be a good thing, especially since he took it from Original Alec. If he took the company from Piron Alec I would’ve been all for it. The young genius was such a power hungry disaster that Piron needed to be taken from him, but Kellog has proven one thing: he looks out for himself. Essentially, he’s the Gauis Baltar of Continuum. Really, it shouldn’t be so shocking that Kellog was starting a coup behind Alec’s back. The con artist always has an agenda.

Who and what are these new things they showed in the closing seconds? Are they time-traveling soldiers sent back, or are they robots? The beacon did something far more than send out a signal to Future Kellog and Brad’s militia buddies.

Here’s hoping that Continuum gets renewed for a fourth season. Whatever happens either way, this season defined the show and took it from a little time-traveling procedural to a riveting, heavy-concept, character-driven, mythological, and thought-provoking science fiction series.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  1. ChristinaJuly 6th, 2014 at 6:40 am

    Agreed! I loved every minute of the finale.

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