Continuum: Fast Times


by Ashley Binion

Kiera Cameron, a Protector from 2077, accidentally time traveled to  2012, leaving her husband and son behind. While in our present, she  collaborates with Alec, a young genius, and continues to locate and  capture deadly terrorists called Liber8.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

“Fast Times” began with a flashback to Kiera’s first day  as a Protector, the future’s version of a police officer. Her superior  officer explained the lay of the land, while she was implanted with  the eye camera, and given her weapons. It was interesting that her superior  told her to rely on the technology instead of her gut. I guess it makes  sense to rely on the technology because it is so advanced and makes  it easier to convict, but in today’s world, police officers rely on  their gut. There were a couple more flashbacks throughout the episode,  mostly of her son and husband.

Back in 2012, Alec and Kiera continued their symbiotic relationship.  Kiera, now going by Linda and working with Detective Carlos Fonnegra  in Vancouver, entered the station for news about the movements of Liber8.  While waiting for an update, Inspector Dillon and Carlos found out that  Kiera was not who she claimed to be.

She was then taken into custody and interrogated by Carlos. In the  pilot, Alec created a cover story, but once they process her and run  her fingerprints, his story wouldn’t be able to hold up. So, she enlists  his help to work on a firmer cover story.

Meanwhile, the Liber8 group was having discontent among themselves.  The group believed Lucas, an engineer, had a way of getting home. However,  Kellog, one of the group members wanted to stay and live freely in a  pre-corporate run world. They put it to a vote and decided to move forward  with their plan to leave. However, their first attempt failed and created  a city-wide power outage. With that, they were off to find another power  source.

The group kidnapped an influential scientist and used his research  as their next power source.

Kiera managed to escape from Carlos during the power outage using  her Protector suit. While trying to make her escape, she attempted to  use a car. Since she is from the future, she has never driven our primitive  vehicles, so Alec had to walk her through it. By far, this was the most  entertaining part of the episode. It seems like such a mundane task  for us, but for someone who has never seen or used a car it can be quite  difficult.

Knowing the power outage was caused by Liber8, she followed them to  the linear collider. She alerted Carlos to their actions and instructed  him to meet her, so they can take down Liber8. Wanting to go home, she  decided to join the terrorist group’s mission to go back to 2077. When  Lucas attempted to power up the device, something went wrong and it  caused an explosion instead.

After a gun battle, the group escaped with the device, but in all  of the confusion they forgot a piece that the police recovered. Carlos  arrested Kiera and processed her. Alec was quicker and succeeded in  planting a deep cover story of her being a special agent, freeing the  Protector.  With that, she was offered a job with their agency,  and Carlos as a partner, to collaborate on a joint task force to take  down Liber8.

I’m quite impressed with the series so far. The acting, the plot,  and interesting photography are very well done and I can’t wait to see  what is to come.

What did you think of Continuum’s second episode? Will Kiera help Liber8 and take the missing piece  of the device and try to go home?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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