Continuum: Family Time


by Ashley Binion

Bombs, bullets, and a death  were all a part of Continuum’s penultimate episode. It was mentioned in the review for “Time’s Up” that I am a sucker for hostage  storylines. This week, there was another hostage crisis; in this case,  with Kiera and Carlos.

Warning:  Spoilers ahead.

Again,  the episode began with a flashback to Kiera’s life in the future. This  time, Kellog and his sister were running from the Protectors. His sister  stole detonators for Liber8. Kellog disapproved of her working with  the terrorist group. Kiera ended up killing his sister and arresting  the con man.

Honestly,  I’m still a little confused to whether these are supposed to be called  flashbacks or flashforwards. For the audience it is a flashforward to  the future, but it’s a flashback into Kiera’s life. But is it really  a flashforward because their presence in 2012 might be changing the  future?

Anyway,  in 2012, Kiera and Carlos respond to a report of a person purchasing  large amounts of fertilizer. It was revealed to the audience that it  was Alec’s family farm they were checking on. I loved Alec and Kiera’s  reactions to each other when they realized what was going on. Kiera’s  eyes went wide and Alec almost slipped up.

It was  hilarious to see how excited the Protector was to being in the country.  In “Time’s Up,” Kiera said she had never seen a horse before, so  when she had the opportunity, she went to pet one. It’s nice to see  her so carefree every now and then.

The episode had tons of Kiera and Alec bonding scenes.  My favorite had to be in the beginning of the episode when the young  genius showed Kiera his secret lair full of all of his toys. He showed  her the Protector suit, which he changed to black. It was nice to see  Kiera admiring everything. I also liked the foreshadowing in the scene  when she picked up the gun and they casually talk about the suit being  done within twenty minutes.

I wish there were more scenes of future Alec and  Kiera. So far, there has only been one, which was at the end of the  pilot. It just makes me wonder if they had any type of relationship  in the future since he was Greg’s boss. In the scene in his lair, she  scanned him so maybe she is distrustful of Alec.

Julian, Alec’s stepbrother, and his friends made  a bomb with all of the fertilizer. They ended up taking the Protector,  Carlos, Alec, Roland, and his mom hostage. Carlos was shot by Julian.

Once again, Carlos was useless. I don’t know if they  are purposely writing him as someone who is inept, or if I am just seeing  it that way. To be completely fair, I guess it wasn’t his fault he got  shot. Victor Webster’s makeup was so well done. On other shows when  people are supposed to be dying, they don’t look too pale faced, but  as the episode progressed he became paler and paler.

The Protector’s moment of truthfulness with Carlos  was a great scene. She finally told him a little about her life, except  she left out the part she is from the future.

Alec was a great help throughout the episode, conspiring  with Kiera to escape on multiple occasions. She used her repaired suit  to become transparent and escape past the boys. The police wrongly believed  that Roland was the one behind the hostage situation. As a result, they  shot and killed the genius’ stepdad. A firefight ensued with the cops  and Julian escaped.

Kiera went to visit Kellog on his yacht. She told  him about killing his sister. It seemed as if he didn’t know it was  Kiera who killed her. Right after, his demeanor changed a little and  began to hit on Kiera. The audience didn’t see what happened next, but  I’m going to go ahead and say they slept together.

It was somewhat unclear what the boys wanted to do  with the bomb. They made some sort of reference to “day one.” Obviously,  the bomb will come back into play in next week’s season finale.

What does Kagame’s tattoo mean? What is Liber8 planning  to do with the bomb?

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

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