Continuum: End Times


by Ashley Binion

Continuum’s season finale fired on  all cylinders. Hands down, “End Times” was the best episode of the  series so far. I thought last week’s episode was exceptional, but this  week had a major death, made some fantastic plot connections, and had  a solid cliffhanger.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Another flashback began the  episode. I really like how they start every episode with a flashback.  They always seem to connect it well with either the storyline that is  happening in 2012 or thematically. This episode was no exception.

It was revealed Travis and  Curtis, the latter died earlier  this season, were the ones who blew up the building in  the pilot episode. I liked how in the pilot they showed the building  being blown up, but this episode showed what happened minutes before  it went down. After Kagame was put in his prison cell, he spoke to a  hidden man in the cell next to him. This man seemed to be the one in  charge, not Kagame. This was my first of many ‘Oh snap’ moments I had.

Back in 2012, Sonya gives Kagame A Tale of Two Cities as a birthday present. He in turn gives her a  key to a safety deposit box which held a note, money, and some crystal  looking pieces. She took the money and gave it to Kagame’s mom who was  in the hospital after his birth.

Kiera woke up in Kellog’s  bed. She cracked his safe and took back the missing time travel piece.  I should have known she had a plan the whole time.

The Protector met a man  named Jason.  He was spewing off jibber jabber about end times  and how the world would change. Of course, she thought he was just another  crazy person. He then recognized the Protector from the execution, which  made her stop in her tracks.

Apparently, he was one  of the workers at the prison monitoring the power. The power over circuited  and he was transported back in time. Only, he was transported to 1992  instead of 2012. This makes sense because Kagame was transported to  2012 weeks after Kiera and the other Liber8 members first appeared.  So obviously, the time travel device didn’t transport everyone to the  same time period. He even made a vague reference to freelancers and  a man named Mr. Escher. That makes me wonder, how many other people  were transported to the past?

The time travelers began  to work to get back to 2077 and stop the impending Liber8 attack. At  the end of the pilot episode, Kiera was standing next to a memorial  statue commemorating the first attack on the city, the beginning of  “Theseus.”  According to her history books, it was the day the attack  would occur.

Alec found Julian, but  he was captured by the terrorist group, but he eventually escaped. An  interesting conversation occurred between Alec and Kagame involving  a metaphor of a pebble and a tsunami. The de facto leader told the young  genius how important and instrumental he would become in the future.  He alluded to a conversation older Alec had with him in the future.  At the end of the episode, the audience saw the beginning of the conversation  between the two, where older Alec gave him the time travel device.

A high level of military grade explosives went missing, so enter Agent  Gardiner.  Instantly, he became suspicious of Kiera and began to  think she was a part of Liber8. He was told to stop looking into her  by his superior and Mr. Asher. Alec made up Mr. Asher and her entire  background, so who told him to stand down? The Protector thought it  was Kellog, but the con man denied it.

Kagame gave Julian a truck full of explosives, which he took to the  building. When he tried to detonate the bomb, it malfunctioned on purpose  causing him to be arrested. Alec’s step brother was the inmate who was  talking to Kagame in 2077. So, is he the leader of Liber8?

Kagame then went into the building with explosives and detonated his  own vest.  Kiera saved herself and Alec by using her suit to create  a force field around them. After the explosion, she made herself invisible  and escaped. Agent Gardiner saw the whole thing go down.

In the end, Kiera realized that Jason’s time travel machine, made  up of bicycle wheels and foil hats, wouldn’t be able to get them back  to the future. The young genius told Kiera that his older self sent  her back to 2012 on purpose. Since Greg worked for older Alec, I’m starting  to think he knew she would be transported along with the other prisoners.

Jason was such a joy and a great foil to Kiera’s serious attitude.  I wish the show would keep him around because he was a delight to watch.

I am beginning to believe that the series is ascribing by Lost’s rule of time travel: whatever happened, happened.  Therefore, nothing can change the past.

For our Canadian friends, Continuum’s sophomore season begins on April 21.

Why did Alec send Kiera back to 2012? What will  the Protector do now after Agent Gardiner saw her use her tech? Who  is Mr. Escher? And, will Sonya kill Travis and take control of the movement?

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


  1. SammiMarch 20th, 2013 at 11:13 am

    I thought this was a remarkable episode. I loved when Alec was trying to decipher if what was happening with him and Kagame was new territory or not. If Alec truly believes what he said while tied up, and his older self had done the same thing, what changes through time to cause older Alec to set this all in motion? I can’t wait for season two.

  2. Continuum PodcastMarch 20th, 2013 at 11:14 am

    I saw the show back in the summer, and it’s very gratifying to see everyone in the U.S. have the same reaction I did to the season finale back then.


    In many of the behind the scenes photos of the filming of Continuum Season 2 that are out there, you can spot Ian Tracey as Jason in quite a few shots over the course of several episodes, so I think you’ll get your wish there. Also, I believe the mysterious “Mr. Escher” is spelled like the artist, M.C. Escher, who is known for his optical illusions and reality-bending art. Appropriate choice of moniker, no?

  3. DaveJuly 7th, 2013 at 4:33 pm

    Thanks for writing. About Jason–I agree that he’s a great foil for Kiera, and see your point about some people from the fuure coming into 2012 at different times. However, how did he move through 20 years (from 1992) in enough time to get to 2012 when he did? I don’t get that.

    Take care.

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