Continuum: A Test of Time


by Ashley Binion

So far, the series has vaguely referred to the creation of a paradox because of their presence in 2012. But who can blame them for being vague? Time travel is such a tricky plot device and sometimes complicated. This week’s episode dove head first into the consequences of their presence in the past.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Just like every episode so far, it began with a scene in 2077. This time, Kiera was in a CPS hover craft responding to another Liber8 attack. While she was checking on the safety of her husband Greg, an explosion cut off their communication. But he was fine. Alec Sadler, Greg’s boss, moved their meeting to another building. This makes me question whether or not Greg is conspiring with future Alec. He works for him, so it is completely plausible.

Back in 2012, Kagame informed the terrorist group that instead of using force to change the events of the past, they were to use their knowledge of the future and strategy. Of course, Travis was not a fan of his subservient role in the group and disagreed with the idea of not using force.

In the next scene, he is seen killing a woman named Lily Jones. They were conducting an experiment to see what would happen if one of the time traveler’s ancestors would die. So, to get rid of the Protector, they decided to go after her grandmother.

When Carlos and Kiera were informed that the woman was killed, she realized that Liber8 was targeting her grandmother, but killed the wrong one. So, the rest of the episode focused on finding her grandmother and keeping her safe from the terrorist group.

The Protector eventually found her grandmother, but just as expected, she wasn’t what Kiera thought she would be. Lily was a street kid who emancipated herself. In my opinion, their early interactions were the funniest scenes in the episode. Kiera was so disappointed with who her grandmother turned out to be and couldn’t stand her for half the episode.

Eventually, Kiera found out her grandmother was pregnant with her mother. After some heart to hearts, she convinced Lily to think about keeping the baby and telling the father.

Later in the episode, there was another flashback to when the Protector found out she was pregnant and her engagement to Greg. All Kiera had to do was lick a piece of paper to find out she was pregnant and the sex of the child. Seriously, someone needs to start working on this because that is so much easier and more sanitary than having to pee on a stick and wait a few months to know the sex of the baby. I thought Greg’s proposal wasn’t romantic at all considering it was spur of the moment.

Kellog agreed to help Kiera smuggle Lily out of the city on his newly acquired yacht. Soon after he agreed, Kagame called and told him he kidnapped his grandmother and wanted to trade his ancestor for the Protector’s.

After coming up with a plan, Kellog brought out Kagame’s mom, who was pregnant with him. They exchanged Kellog’s family for Kagame’s, but Travis had his own ideas. He shot Kellog’s grandmother, and she eventually died from her injury. Of course, Kagame was furious.

But Kellog didn’t disappear or die. As Alec pointed out, “The absence of proof isn’t proof of anything.” There are so many possibilities as to what and when they are. Are they in a new timeline now, maybe there isn’t a paradox after all, or maybe their presence is actually creating the future that currently exists?

Instead of giving the audience an answer, they skirted around the issue. It might be too early in the series for the viewers to find out how their presence is affecting the future.

I was disappointed with the lack of Alec in this episode. The scenes he did have seemed to be throwaways that didn’t really connect with the rest of the episode. Since the episode was squarely focused on family, I guess the audience was supposed to sympathize with his home life and his lack of family connection.

Is Greg actually a co-conspirator with future Alec? Will Travis eventually break off from Kagame and Liber8?

Rating: 4 out of 5

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