Continuum: A Stitch in Time


by Ashley Binion

Continuum is a Canadian sci-fi television show that just  premiered in the U.S. on Syfy. It has already aired its first season  across the Northern border, so I was excited to see what all the hype  was about. It didn’t disappoint.

Set in modern-day Vancouver, Kiera Cameron is  transported from 2077 to our present day and tracks down deadly terrorists  from the future.

Warning: Spoiler Alert

The story begins in 2076, when the head of the  terrorist network Liber8, Edouard Kagame, is arrested by Kiera. Along with  other members of his cell, he was scheduled to be executed for blowing  up buildings with thousands of people inside. However, they found a  way to escape.

An interesting premise of the 2077 future is that  the government and democracy don’t exist, but instead dictated by corporations.  Liber8 wants to go back to the ways of democracy and freedom. This bothered  me somewhat. Are we, as an audience, supposed to disagree with Liber8’s  ideas or their method of relaying them? Because I agree with their message  of trying to restore democracy, but not their method of killing innocent  people.

The prisoners entered the execution room while  Kiera’s husband Greg and an unknown elderly man discuss the ongoing  execution. He noticed his wife was in the room and pleaded to be let  in. However, the elderly man told the guard not to do so.

As they were being prepped for their execution,  guards gave them suspicious looking pieces of something, which they  then threw in the middle of the circle. Kiera, noticing that they had  something strange, leapt in to try and stop it, but she was too late  and they were all transported to 2012.

When she recovered from the time travel, she began  chasing one of the fugitives. She asked for backup through her communication  device. However, instead of it being her people, it was the inventor  of the frequency Alec Sadler. As the episode progressed, she began to  trust him. Their multiple interactions were my favorite in the episode.

Of course, she returned to the scene of their  entry the next day. The police now occupied the area and she introduced  herself to Detective Carlos Fonnegra as an officer from Portland. Since  she knew all about the Liber8 terrorists, they duo began working together  to catch the fugitives.

Alec, wanting to know his future, asked Kiera  a couple times about what happens to him. She doesn’t tell him. But  the final scene showed a flashback of Kiera and her son being introduced  to Greg’s boss, Alec Sadler. He was the old man who Greg was talking  to during the execution and he seemed quite pleased that the prisoners  escaped. This revelation created so many questions, and I can’t wait  to see where the story will go.

I loved all of the future technology that was  on display throughout the episode. In sixty years, I doubt that we will  have these cool gadgets, but it is fun to look and covet them.

To me, it seemed as if the show was a version  of Alcatraz, an officer tracking down fugitives from a different  time. Hopefully, the series stays away from becoming a full-fledge sci-fi  procedural and continues to unravel mythology.

What did you think of the pilot? Will you be tuning  in again?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


  1. Patrick KilgallonJanuary 17th, 2013 at 3:46 pm

    I’ve watched this show since it was first aired in Canada and I have to say its my favorite science fiction show since Battlestar Galactica. Time travel is difficult subject to execute and Continuum pulls it off amazingly by integrating flashbacks that reveal something new about the characters and their motives every episode.

  2. MimiJanuary 18th, 2013 at 2:03 am

    Im loving this show. the plot , acting , directing is all so well done . in my opinion its much better than Alcatraz , because its more fast paced and the gadgets they use from the future is so cool. i have already seen the first season and i recommend all those who love sci-fi series to keep watching the plot keeps getting better and better.

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