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By Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

Continuum is a show that likes to ask their viewers tough questions and “A Minute Changes Everything” asked the audience to engage in both a moral and plot driven conversation. Out of the limited sample size of season three, plot wise, this is the weakest episode.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Carlos’ life has become a complete train wreck. The first season was very much Kiera’s journey, the second season was Alec’s journey, and this season is shaping up to be Carlos’ journey. Throughout the series, he has been a character who’s there to aid Kiera and Alec’s story, but it looks like he is about to get his own story. He, more than anyone else, has become a victim of time travel. Last season, it was surprising how easily he accepted the time-traveling Protector. Maybe now that in his timeline Kiera has died, it’s all beginning to sink in for the detective.

Thankfully Julian returned and played heavily into Carlos’ story. He has been largely MIA since the beginning of the season, probably due to his portrayer, Richard Harmon, appearing on The 100. He was such a large part of the second season that it would’ve been a shame for his character to be put off to the side. Both of his appearances on television were oddly riveting, especially placing the blame on Carlos and Kiera.

The conflict between Kiera and Carlos is evident in this episode. Typically, they haven’t had much of a philosophical problem when it comes to solving cases, but Carlos’ heart-first approach to crime-solving butted heads with Kiera’s technology-driven approach. This was emphasized throughout the episode as the viewer saw much more of Kiera’s view through her CMR and his short-tempered comments.

Continuum has never truly been a light-hearted series, but if this episode is any indication, it might become even darker, especially with Carlos visiting dead Kiera and stroking her hair. It was a disturbing scene that showed how much Carlos has changed since the pilot. Earlier in the series, he probably would have tried to protect Betty, but now he turned her in with little remorse.

It was smart to have this episode’s flashbacks be about the Protector’s skepticism toward the CPS as it paralleled nicely with this episode’s present day story. However, up until this point, younger Kiera has shown little-to-no skepticism regarding the future Protector service so it seemed out of character. If the series wanted to sow seeds of doubt, it should have been done in season one and two flashbacks. It’s not an unwelcome development, though. In order for the Protector to grow as a character, at some point she has to question the system and have that inner conflict.

At this point, neither Alec is easy to root for. One is hiding out with Emily while the other is looking more and more like his future self in parting his hair and showing dominance in Piron’s boardroom, all while donning a suit. I blame new timeline Alec’s transformation on Kellog. He’s the one encouraging the boy to become like his elder counterpart.
The first interaction between the two was very “Marty McFly” and it happened much earlier in the season than expected. At first, their interaction was playful, but then it quickly turned cold. With suit-and-tie Alec asking Inspector Dillon for advice, it looks like the Vancouver Police Department might be on a fast track to becoming the future CPS.

Is Carlos on a path to becoming a Liber8 member? Which, if any, Alec are you rooting for?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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