Con Man: The Game Review!


By Loud Josh


I have a confession: I love world building games.  I’m not sure if its because that in this world of infinite chaos its nice to have something totally under my control or if I’m just a sadistic puppet master that likes to make my quockerwodgers dance. (10 points to Gryffindor if you knew the word “quockerwodger” already!)  Either way, I love controlling my tiny people, sending them to do my bidding, and watching them interact with other tiny people that I have also summoned to do my bidding.  


So I am a little embarrassed to admit that I didn’t hear about Con Man the Game until I was sitting in the Con Man panel this past Saturday and Long Beach Comic Con.  I enjoyed Con Man Season 1 (and also wanted to get a good seat for the Firefly panel which was happening right after) so I naturally thought the panel was worth going to. Fool that I am, I assumed the panel would be all about Con Man Season 2, but instead it was all about Con Man the Game aka my new addiction.


Con Man the Game allows you to build your own convention all set in the world of Con Man. Stars from Con Man such as Alan Tudyk’s “Wray Nerely”, Felicia Day’s “Karen”, and Nathan Fillion’s “Jack Moore” act as your hosts as you build and expand your convention floor.  


Not only will you build booths to sell your merchandise, but you also need to pay attention to bathrooms (you don’t want people peeing on the floor!), garbages (rats!), and food for your hangry attendees. After all you want to give them the best experience ever!  Not to worry though, you can always get the janitor do clean up after you!  (Boy that janitor sure does look familiar. Who could it be?)


Oh yeah, did I mention that Aliens from Spectrum want to destroy your con!?!  If an alien shows up, you better make sure your cosplay super fans are ready to go so you can take those bad boys down before they do too much damage.


Also, keep an eye out for “Nudy Judy”!  This is a family friendly Con so you better get security (this guy looks familiar too, hmm…) to take her out…stat!


The best part is that we are in the game!!!  That’s right, The Nerd Machine has its very own banner on the wall of the convention center! So its just like having our very own “NERCH” booth right there in the middle of all those alien attacks…just please don’t put us behind the bathrooms!


This game is awesome and incredibly addicting.  I’m only at level 10 right now so there is a ton more I haven’t even begun to explore yet!  Its currently free on the iOS and Google Play stores. And you can find out more details about the game as well as tips and tricks from fellow players over at


Let us know in the comments: do you play Con Man the Game?  What level are you at?  Any tips for players, such as myself, that are just starting?  We want to hear from you!

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  1. Erin DeLaneySeptember 21st, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Hit a glitch that somehow caused a 15 minute Wray Party that got me up 4 levels to 30! My suggestion would be to get every boost object out on the floor, expecially the super healing booster objects. Good luck!

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