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by Stephen Janes

Due to NBC’s negligence toward Community, the release date of each episode does not line up with the season. So, in other words, I hope you all enjoyed your Halloween with the Greendale study group! I truly thought the timing was comically ironic and added an additional layer of ‘funny.’ The episode revolves around Pierce getting locked in his panic room and asking the rest of the group to assist him.

In past Halloween specials of Community, we were treated to pseudo-reality events that generally had major implications on the rest of the season. Although this Halloween episode was tamer compared to the past, it did bring up some major elements in character development, which we’ll take a look at individually.

Starting with the growing relationship between Britta and Troy, it turns out they aren’t exactly in sync when it comes to the progression of the relationship. Britta comes to the realization that she hasn’t been doing ‘couple things’ with her boyfriend. For starters, they dress up as completely opposite costumes (Britta was a ham and Troy was Tigger) and don’t’ really share the screen together until the end of the episode. The two of them are relatively different personality types, so these small improvements in the relationship should be a common theme this season.

Winger reveals that he found his biological father and has obtained his phone number, but has yet to call. He and Britta discuss the similar ‘daddy issues’ between himself and Pierce and despite this, the facts resonate with Winger more than he would like. The episode actually ends with Winger making a call to his father, but the camera cuts off before we are able to witness the conversation. It seems that we will get some resolution with Winger and his family this season, which will undoubtedly cause problems in some capacity.

Abed barely makes an impact in the episode, essentially appearing too late to make a difference. He obviously took a back seat here and in a show where you have a ridiculously talented cast, somebody is bound to suffer. With that being said, I just wish it wasn’t Abed. Shirley had very minimal input here as well, although she served more as a catalyst for some conversations. Plus, she was dressed as Princess Leia. Cool. Cool-cool-cool.

The episode served as a ploy to re-introduce Pierce’s brother, Gilbert, who apparently had been living in the mansion for six weeks without notice. Gilbert admits that he hasn’t been the same since their father died and really just wants attention. I’m not entirely convinced this means we’ll see Gilbert become a mainstay, but it does tease the idea of him making more appearances in the future.

Like I said earlier, the timing of this episode added an extra level of comedy. Originally I thought it wasn’t going to be as funny because we are months removed from Halloween, but that is a huge testament to the staff and crew of Community. The episode was still funny and entertaining and I probably would have enjoyed it just as much back in October as I did this day. It was a fun episode despite being late, but that is nothing the show itself can be blamed for.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  1. JuarhelaFebruary 15th, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    Troy wasn’t Tigger….he was Hobbes – to Abed’s Calvin.

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