Community: Intro to Knots


by Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)

Merry Christmas, fellow Human Beings! Due to the delay in starting this season of Community, the Christmas episode was aired in the middle of April and proved to be a strong one in terms of development but lacking in serious humor.

The study group (minus Pierce who was briefly mentioned) arrives at a Christmas party being hosted by Winger and Annie. Annie announces that they are all getting a failing grade in their history class, so she invites Professor Cornwallis in order to woo him in raising their grade as a final push. The way Professor Cornwallis (played by Malcolm McDowell) arrived and nearly commanded every scene took away from the humorous antics we usually expect from the study group and was a bit of a downside of the episode.

The last few episodes, including this one, have featured Abed recreating his own television scenarios and almost branching away from the rest of the cast. I feel the character of Abed is at his best when he integrates more with the main group in addition to doing his own thing. Although many people appreciate and love the pop culture references he tends to spew out, some, like myself, want to see him actively engage with the rest of the group as opposed to watching from the outside, in a sense.

Professor Cornwallis tells Winger that their grades were good enough for a C- but changes that to an F upon hearing the true nature of his invitation. Immediately, he is tied up as everybody pledges their case and attempts to appeal to Professor Cornwallis. Again, the ability of Malcolm McDowell to command every scene he was in helped invest the audience in a suspenseful manner, but it really phased out the humor aspect.

Kevin (or Chang) was again thrown into the episode just to remind everybody that he has, “Changnesia,” in case you forgot. He did, however, offer a glimpse at his real intentions when he briefly left the group to answer his phone from an unknown caller. It appears he is trying to expel Winger and the rest of the group, but we don’t know who he is affiliated with or what the master plan is afterward. There are only three episodes left in the current season so I don’t imagine this grand scheme being revealed until the finale unless a major revelation happens next episode.

After last week’s creative episode involving puppets, this episode was a bit of a letdown as it didn’t spark too many laughs. It was an interesting episode, taking a few similarities from the classic Alfred Hitchcock film Rope and having a fairly suspenseful overtone. I can see this episode serving as a platform for some future plot points but don’t think too much of it.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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