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by Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)


We have always heard of the events that led the study group to Greendale, but we have never actually seen what took place. In “Heroic Origins,” we are finally given that gift as a majority of the episode refers to moments that were previously only mentioned. The episode also gave some insight on Kevin (or Chang) and who he has been working for, as well as a decent set-up for the season finale.

The story begins with Abed explaining how everybody was linked to each other prior to attending Greendale. The episode was meant to be reminiscent of a comic book panel, going back to previous events in order to provide backstory for each character. The creative style was interesting but short lived, as the comic book art was only used to show a transition to the past was occurring. Although each character has their own story of how they got to Greendale, it was refreshing to actually see the events and how each character looked during that time.

When Abed discovered the chain of events that connected the study group, everybody turned on each other and broke into an argument. Each character had their reason for hating one another, but the realization that everybody had changed put a quick halt to it all. At first I thought I knew who was responsible but ratification quickly became doubt as the story kept intertwining. This wasn’t as puzzling as some previous plots, but it was accessible.

It was noted before this season started that Pierce Hawthorne would eventually be a non-factor due to Chevy Chase leaving the show. Pierce was nowhere to be seen this episode except for an ambiguous body double shown toward the end. I feel like the character is being left open for whatever reason and I wish the writers just closed the chapter on Pierce and provided some closure. If I had to take a guess, they want to keep the character of Pierce in their back pocket just in case of a desperation maneuver or series finale.

If you’ve been following my reviews on Community, you know that I have been clamoring for some information on what Chang (or Kevin) is up to. We finally now understand that Chang is working undercover for Dean Spreck, whom we haven’t seen since “For A Few Paintballs More.” Almost as quickly as their alliance was discovered, Chang has a change of heart when Abed invites him into the group officially. Although brief, we finally got to see a little more of what Chang was up to and also got a sneak peek into Dean Spreck’s operation. Spoiler alert, it apparently involved a giant robotic spider blueprint.

Originally this episode was intended to be the season finale, but was swapped with the penultimate episode. With the audience getting a look at Dean Spreck and his diabolical plan, it probably won’t make sense next week if Kevin is back to his ‘Changnesia’ cover. This would have made a decent season finale with some discussion, but as it stands it’s a decent episode leading up to the finale. Getting to actually see the backstory on each character was nice as well, since we’ve always been teased by it. With the way Community is, it’s very hard to even venture a guess as to what the season finale will include. It does sound like the students will be graduating but the bigger question is will something prevent them from graduating? We will just have to find out next week.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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