Community Guidelines

The Nerd Machine is driven by its community, and we do our best to foster an environment where our users can interact freely, sharing their enthusiasm for the entertainment and Internet space.

To that effect, there are certain guidelines that must be recognized by every member of the community in order to maintain a fun, cool site. We need your help to support these guidelines, so please notify us if you find any violations on the site.


  • Comply with all applicable local, state, and federal rules, regulations and laws.
  • Pornography and sexually explicit content is not permitted on the Nerd Machine.
  • Only upload content (videos, photographs, copy) that you are authorized to use. You may not post material that is protected by copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights without permission of the owner of the material.
  • Show common decency and do not post explicitly violent content, content that is hateful or demeaning, or that is threatening or predatory in its nature. Respect the other users of this community.
  • Spam, misleading content and other no-nos. Do not use the Nerd Machine to drive traffic to other sites that aren’t relevant, are designed to collect personal information falsely, or are for personal or financial gain.

The Nerd Machine is for you to enjoy, so have fun! Post videos, rate content, show off your knowledge and expertise, and continue to build a community that continues to be rewarding for you and others.

– The Nerd Machine Team