Community: Basic Human Anatomy


by Stephen Janes (@stephenkjanes)

Community has a way of playing with our minds showing scenarios that often make no logical sense, but somehow managing to tell a decent story. This episode literally copied formulas with Freaky Friday starring Troy and Abed as the body switchers, but it didn’t end there. Multiple body switches, a confident dean, an expelled Leonard and an unexpected break-up provided plenty of humorous and head scratching moments.

While discussing their plan for their final history project, Shirley and Annie remind Troy and Britta they are coming up to their one-year dating anniversary. Troy and Britta were caught off guard as neither remembered the significant date. The relationship between the two had been pretty uneventful this season; especially considering some episodes they didn’t even act as a couple.

While Troy forgot his one-year dating anniversary, he does bring up that the same day is his third year anniversary watching Freaky Friday with Abed. The duo plans to celebrate by watching the film, but instead end up switching bodies with each other. Both carried the bit rather convincingly to the audience, but the rest of the group didn’t’ completely buy into it. In other words, Troy was in Abed’s body while Abed was in Troy’s body. This won’t be difficult to talk about at all (end sarcasm).

Britta and Troy (in Abed’s body) feel pressured to celebrate their milestone, but decide they should because it’s right anyway. What resulted was an awkward conversation between Britta and Troy (in Abed’s body), which ended with the couple splitting up. Troy believed they were better as friends and explained how he felt he wasn’t ready for a relationship at the time. This break-up was certainly sentimental and came out of nowhere. The break-up ended very amicably, however, as both ended the episode with a heart-felt hug.

Winger spent most of his time being visibly angry at everything and even more so at Abed (in Troy’s body). Winger, like Britta, didn’t completely buy into the body-switch bit and wanted to complete his, “doable, passable banners.” I have to say this episode was worth it just from Winger’s comments and one-liners alone. One of my favorites was, “Holy makes no sense what-so-ever,” in remark to Pierce completing the group project on his own. Again, Winger was spot on this episode and it made his segments with Abed (in Troy’s body) the highlight of the episode.

We have seen Shirley and Annie butt heads recently due to their desire to win class valedictorian. They are told that Leonard is currently the leader, but nobody understands why. I should also mention that Dean Pelton attempted to switch bodies with Winger, who didn’t play along at all. So now Dean Pelton (thinking he was Winger) helped Annie and Shirley confront Leonard, who just walked away before even explaining his reasons or what actually was happening.

This episode took me a few times to fully understand who was where and what was going on, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was entertaining all around. Watching Troy and Abed switch places and emulate each other’s quirks was delightful and cute, really. I couldn’t control my laughter at Annie’s uncontrollable affection toward the Dean when he thought he switched bodies with Winger. So much was happening in this episode, the writers did a great job of not wasting a single second on unnecessary elements, like Kevin reminding us he has “Changnesia” or a one-off character. This was a very well-constructed episode with great laughs and another creative story telling method.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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