Comic Crit: Daredevil #18


by Gabriel Estrada

It feels like a long time since the last Daredevil issue came out. Daredevil #18 is the first of a new four-issue arc, and an excellent jumping on point for new readers. Mark Waid is an amazing writer; he just keeps messing with us. Has this new Daredevil just been a sham this whole time, has Matt Murdock gone insane? After the events of issue #16, Foggy and Matt parted ways after a disturbed Foggy learned that Matt has kept the remains of his father’s skeleton hidden in his desk.

Even after these events, Foggy still plays an important role in this new four-issue miniseries. This issue opens with Foggy taking on a new case from a man whose sister is being accused of murdering a drug kingpin. Foggy, of course, must take the case and knows he might need some help from Daredevil in order to have any chance of winning it. Everything gets flipped on its head when something unexpected greets Matt after he gets back to his apartment. Waiting for him in bed, as if nothing had happened, we find Matt’s former wife Milla. Waid explains the background of what happened to Milla, how she lost her mind and Matt ended up losing her. It’s for this reason that this issue is a great jumping point for new Daredevil readers. Matt offers to help Foggy with his case if he agrees to go to the asylum where Milla is institutionalized to see how she got out. Daredevil goes after the baddies to help gather some evidence for their client. After a great fight scene, Foggy calls Matt and it is revealed that Milla was still in the asylum. The readers are then forced to ask themselves if the fight scene that just occurred happen or was it all in his head, just like Milla?

This is a fantastic comic book. We are taken on quite a ride here, this issue ties in some interesting, dark moments from Matt Murdock’s past; moments that Waid’s run on Daredevil has ignored. This was an incredible issue that delivers in every aspect: great art, great storytelling and great pacing. The team of Waid, Samnee and Rodriguez is one of the best in comics right now and is the reason why this book has been so successful. Without a doubt, the creative team behind Daredevil is looking to retain their title as the Eisner’s best continuing series.  With the surprise twist ending of this issue, it’s bound to get everyone running to the local comic book shop when the next issue of Daredevil comes out.

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  1. JeanneSeptember 27th, 2012 at 1:09 pm

    It looks creepy. but it dose look cool.

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