Comic Book Spotlight: Saga


By: J.P. Perumba de Puthenveetil

Some of my favorite things in the world are indie comic book series. I love how they so easily step outside or norms and continuously push ideas we never thought possible. My favorite of all the series that I have ever read has to be Saga.

If you have never heard of Saga, the best way I can explain it is, well, picture Romeo and Juliet in space, but they are both badass war criminals, and there are also bounty hunters and a cat who can tell if you are lying, and also a prince that has an 90s desktop PC as its head, and other stuff. I guess there is really no easy way to explain what the heck is going on in this series, but whatever it is, it’s fantastic.

Just the art itself is so wonderful; it’s this type of design that makes everything feel so tasteful. There is actual some pretty graphic stuff in Saga but because of the beautiful art style, it never feels overwhelming. And the art coincides well with another thing that I love about Saga, which is that it has very diverse range of genre. I could never at any moment pinpoint to you whether this was a tale of romance, comedy, action, drama, or horror. The art acts as a sort of mechanism to ease the transitions between all these genres to make it all remain under one roof.

It stimulates your mind like no other comic book I have ever read has. You care for and hate every single character. There is no one way to look at it. I read it and I am amazed on some many different fronts and I am consumed with wonder.

I’ll just end all of this by saying, and I can’t stress this enough, there is a very cute baby that narrates the entire series. Saga really does have everything.

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