Comic Book Men: The Sidewalk Stash


by Ashley Binion

Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

A few episodes ago, a man came in with a couple long boxes of comics that he wanted to sell, but most of them were smoke damaged from being stored in a cigar store. This week, he came back with something new—a whole Kryptonite Rocks display, including the poster and the rocks. Kryptonite was introduced in 1943 during the Superman radio series, and sold during the “Pet Rock” craze in the ‘70s. Essentially, they are Kryptonite Pet Rocks.

Since this product was out of the gang’s wheel house, they brought in Rob Bruce, who is a pop culture expert they occasionally bring in for pricing. The last time he was seen in Comic Book Men was when he dressed up as the New Jersey Devil and scared Ming half-to-death. Rob said that an individual box can be sold for $20-30, and the entire display had forty-eight boxes. However, the complete display would only fetch $400 at auction. After some negotiating, he agreed to sell it to the store for $600.

The next man came in looking for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #1. The franchise started in 1984 as an indie black-and-white comic book, which was a parody of Daredevil. The Stash only had the #1 in a third printing that they were selling for $85. A year ago, a first-printing of the book went for $22,752. Walt, the manager of the store, brought out first prints of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #2-4, which were much more valuable than #1 third printing. The man ended up buying #2-4 for $150.

The third man who came into the store, wanted to sell the 1978 book Superman vs. Muhammad Ali. The comic was about an alien invasion coming to Earth, and Superman and Muhammad Ali were chosen to battle to determine who would defend the world. In order to make it fair, the fight was held under a red sun, which took away Superman’s powers. As a result, Ali dominated Superman. The man agreed to sell it for $40.

Finally, the last seller came in with the original, unaltered Star Wars trilogy on laser discs. This technology was invented in 1958 and was eventually replaced by the DVD in the early 2000s. After some trivia, The Stash bought one of the discs for $5.

Ming, who always has great ideas, decided that they should participate in the annual sidewalk sale. Walt said it wouldn’t be worth the hassle but Ming convinced him otherwise.  After a major lull in interest, he decided to make a prize wheel with different discounts and other prizes. Once he did this, sidewalk business started to increase.  At the end of the sale, seven hours later, he made $70. The best part: the amount he made didn’t even cover his salary.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

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