Comic Book Men – The Incredible Bulk


By Ashley Binion (@ashleybinion)

The comic book men are back and got angry this week with the Incredible Hulk. Comic Book Men’s first episode of season three returned to their original time slot after Talking Dead and brought star power, but overall lost some steam.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Lou Ferrigno visited the Stash, not to talk about The Incredible Hulk or comics, but to give Bryan a lesson in fitness and healthy eating. Through the episode Lou took Bryan to work out and taught him some healthy eating habits.

It took up about half of the episode and was slow moving. When you have a guest star like Lou Ferrigno you are obligated to show a sizable amount of footage featuring the star. But, it brought down the episode. If I wanted to watch a show about losing weight or what to eat I could simply turn on The Biggest Looser.
Toward the end of the episode, Ferrigno did take time to talk to the guys about the Incredible Hulk episode “Death in the Family,” where the Hulk fought a bear. He confirmed the bear was indeed real.

A woman entered the stash wanting to sell the 1946 comic, “Archie” #18. Al Fagaly, who also penciled Captain America Comics #1, drew the art for Archie. Originally, she wanted to sell the comic for $200, but ended up selling it to the shop for $100.

During their roundtable discussion about Archie, Walt expressed distaste for the newer Archie comics placating to today’s youth and today’s relevant pop culture. This brings up an interesting talking point. Should Archie comics be changed to fit in with today’s pop culture and to appeal to a younger audience?

A man came in looking for “Daredevil” #168, the first appearance of Elektra. The character of Elektra was based on Lisa Lyon, a female bodyguard. Elektra was the first comic written by Frank Miller. Miller is well known for The Dark Knight Returns. The haggled down the price of the book from $74.95 to $68.
There was a couple good comic books moved in this episode, but the Lou Ferrigno portion of the episode was a misstep. For me, the best parts of the episodes are when unique pieces come through the door and that was overshadowed.

It’s always special when special guest stars enter the Stash, but this time they missed the mark.
What did you think of Comic Book Men’s season three premire?

Rating: 3 out of 5

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