Comic Book Men: Super Hoagie


by Ashley Binion

Sandwiches, superheroes, and Star Wars. They go together, right? Well, they did on this episode of Comic Book Men. Besides “Stan the Man,” this had to be one of my favorite episodes of the series.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The first item that graced their presence was Wolverine claws. Originally, they were part Wolverines gloves, but the claws were revealed to be a part of his anatomy in X-Men #98. The ones brought in weren’t licensed since they ended up being zombie Wolverine claws. Still, they were cool to see and looked extremely sharp. He wanted $60 for it, but Walt, the store manager, eventually bought it for $40.

Another man brought in a Flash of Two Worlds statue. The 2000 statue was based on The Flash’s #123 cover. The issue introduced the multiverse to DC Comics. DC Direct only produced 1500 statues. On one side of it was the Golden Age Flash, while the other side, separated by a brick wall, featured the Silver Age Flash.

The guys couldn’t resist messing with the guy who brought in the statue, offering him drugs and suggesting he commit insurance fraud. He wasn’t a fan of the joke. The guy wanted $450 for it, but Walt offered $60. He ended up not selling it to the store.

Arguably, the best item to ever enter The Stash came in this episode. A father and son came in with Amazing Fantasy #15, also known as the first appearance of Spiderman. This comic ended up being the last Amazing Fantasy until 1995. This is such a rare comic, and you could see how excited the guys were to handle the book. The father bought the book for his son for a whopping $65 decades ago.

The pair was looking to get $18,000 for the key issue. With that, they brought in pop culture expert Rob Bruce to evaluate the comic. Because of the grade, he evaluated the book at $2,500. Walt offered the father and son $3,000. In the end, they couldn’t agree on a price and decided not to sell it. It was disappointing to watch such a rare book walk out of their store without them purchasing it. You could tell the guys were disappointed.

The last item to enter The Stash was a Star Wars Chewbacca model kit. The man wanted $65 for the model, but ended up selling it for $30.

Almost every episode, they venture outside the store do something different. This time, they noticed a local deli, Readie’s, didn’t have a sandwich named after the store. So, this lead to a sandwich making competition between the group of guys. The best sandwich would be showcased on the menu as The Secret Stash Superhero. After some debate, they decided Ming and Mike would team up, while Walt and Bryan teamed up.

Mike used to be a professional chef, so he and Ming had the advantage. They ended up making a fried chicken sandwich with apple jam. Walt and Bryan had a little more fun with it. Their sandwich had two different types of breads, two cheeses, two chickens, ham, bacon, roast beef, and lettuce. Personally, I thought Mike and Ming’s sounded better, and the judge ended up agreeing, picking the duo’s over Walt and Bryan’s.

This episode had everything: an extremely rare comic book, nice novelty items and good laughs.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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