Comic Book Men: Stash Wars


by Ashley Binion So far this season, The Stash  has had some pretty nice items come through their doors. I can’t complain  about any of the episodes and their content. But this episode seemed  so boring and nothing of value was bought or sold, making it feel subpar.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

The first man who walked into  the store brought in a custom R2-Q5 XBox 360. R2-Q5 appeared on the  second Death Star in Star Wars IV: Return of the Jedi.  I have to agree with the guys,  why not just make an R2-D2? It would be much more popular. The device  was pretty cool. It had all the bells and whistles of a regular XBox  360 and it had a projector as well.  He asked for $1,000, but Walt  wanted to do a consignment. That way, it gets sold and The Stash gets  a portion of the profit as well. The next  item that came into the store was so bizarre. A man brought in Garbage  Pail Kids trading cards. These grotesque cards were created as a parody  of the Cabbage Patch Kids. Out of the cards they showed, one was throwing  up insects and one had a tongue coming out of a guy’s stomach. It was  nasty, but I guess there is a market for everything. Since Walt had  no interest in them, Ming ended up buying the set for $10.

Two Whovians  came into The Stash, one dressed up as The Doctor and the other dressed  as a Tardis. They came looking for Deadpool comics. Deadpool first appeared  in 1991’s The New  Mutants #98. Walt ended  up selling the pair Deadpool  Kills the Marvel Universe #1 and #2.

Lastly,  the next items sold to The Stash in this episode were a set of Marvel  Legends action figures. The line was produced in 2001 by Toy Biz and  then by Hasbro in 2007. It was a spin-off of the Spider-Man classics  line. He wanted to sell Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, Namor,  Mr. Fantastic, and The Hulk. Walt ended up purchasing the lot for $150.

I always  enjoy their hypothetical conversations. This episode they discussed  if you could attend any event in comic book history, which would you  want to be at? Walt said he would want to be on the streets of Metropolis  for Superman’s death. Ming said he would want to see Superman’s spaceship  fall into our atmosphere. I agree with Walt, I would want to be on the  streets of Metropolis. Sure, I would be concerned for my safety, but  it would be so poignant to see the world’s foremost superhero die right  in front of you.

I was disappointed  with this episode. At one point the audience watched the guys play a  round of foosball. I mean, really? There was nothing else going on in  the store that was more interesting to watch? I could feel the seconds  of my life ticking away.

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What event  in comic book history would you want to attend?  What kind of trading  cards do you/did you collect?

Rating: 2.5  out of 5 stars

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